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Esports personalities Jailed In Mexico

Rubén Zerecero is known as one of the best Latin-American Esports FIFA players in the past 20 years. He is also a famous actor as well known mainly for his roles in Mexican movies and tv shows. He was well known as the representative of his country (Mexico) in the 2009 FIFA interactive world cup. […]Read More

The DOTA 2 Singapore Major Day-3 Standings

The main Singapore Major event reaches the conclusion of its third day and there have been plenty of unexpected results for the DOTA 2 event. Fan-favourite teams saw themselves exiting the event even before the main Playoffs Bracket. A fan would be surprised to see which teams are sitting both in the Upper and Lower […]Read More

DOTA 2: The Dilemma, TI and Future in 2021

E-sports; a rising contender for the world’s most successful industries has hinged on a rocky road since the spread of the world pandemic. Yet, where many other professions have succumbed to great tolls, E-sports such as DOTA 2 has exemplified how the digital venue can take the limelight of perseverance with its whole growing online […]Read More

ESL One Thailand 2020 Partnering with Ministry of Tourism &

ESL One announcements suffice once more to a grand round of DOTA 2 Esports coming online in August. The ESL One Thailand 2020 will be facing off regions of America and Asia, this time with a unique initiative for Thailand’s esports scene, alongside a $200,000 prizepool up for grabs. This comes as an exclusive vouching […]Read More

Team Liquid enters Rocket League Esports with Fruity, Speed and

Team Liquid has announced their entry to Rocket League Esports, their debut roster consisting of two ex-Mousesports players Kuxir and Speed alongside Oxygen’s Fruity as official Team Liquid members. Looking no further than to join Rocket League’s Brand new Championship Circuit, the RLCS X, the three professional players shared their thoughts on what lies ahead […]Read More

Call of Duty League; Post Season Online Format

Since the continuation of the Call of Duty League once again in the pandemic with the Home Series, there comes an update from the Call of Duty League team sharing what’s in stored for those that are participating at the Playoffs and the Championship Weekend. The update comes on their official Twitter account explaining why […]Read More

RLCS X; Rocket League’s newest Annual Season Circuit

There has been made a big change to the normal esports scenario of Rocket League. Rocket League has released a full blog on their new iteration of the RLCS Seasonal Circuit with the RLCS X. This new Circuit consisting of a full year-long season shall now hail the esports scenario of Rocket League with over […]Read More

EVO Online Cancelled; CEO Joey Cuellar Issues Apology after Dismissal

A tumbling reaction to revelations of the EVO community, there were many allegations of sexual misconduct and more similar issues that came to light during this month’s first few days. There came many allegations of Misogyny, Paedophilia and more from stories of the Super Smash Community which directly affected the EVO Online scenario that held […]Read More

Virtus Pro partners up with Automotive Company Haval

Virtus Pro have released news of their brand new automotive partners, Haval, first in the organization’s history of signing an automotive company. Considered for the mutual benefit of both parties, Haval will be looking to assist top tier rosters of the renowned esports organization in CIS and in the globe. The organization will be supplied […]Read More

WePlay! Announces Pushka League Season 2

A highly successful endeavour from WePlay! during the unstable circumstances of the pandemic was the Pushka League that followed WeSave!, a charity event that gained successful nominations and donations, and much popularity with the DOTA 2 community. It is now that WePlay! are making a return once more to DOTA 2 esports with the official […]Read More