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CS:GO Newest Update Makes You Pay To Play Ranked

With the newest update from Valve, it seems that players of CS:GO will have to pay to play ranked matches. However, ranked matches are not the only thing that players will have to pay for either. There are a few more features that CS:GO players will have to pay for rather than having it for […]Read More

Valve Offers CS:GO Cheaters An Olive Branch

VAC stands for Valve Anti-Cheat, which is a system set in place by Valve. It is basically an automated system set up by Valve to detect cheating inside CS:GO. This is done by detecting cheats installed on the player’s computer. In the case of CS:GO when a player tries to access a VAC server. In […]Read More

FBI Investigates Match-Fixing In CSGO

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) has always focused on match-fixing when it comes to Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CSGO) and is known to be very common throughout the tournaments and leagues. Just last year seven CSGO players from Australia’s MDL (Mountain Dew League) were banned from competitive matches for 12 months after ESIC discovered they had […]Read More

CS:GO players Might Get To See A New Mode Soon

CS:GO players will be excited to know that they might get to enjoy a brand new game mode after a very long time. Some CS:GO data miners recently reported that they have found some hidden files that hint towards a new game mode. These files were discovered in the recently released June 10 update. For […]Read More

TikTok Cup: TikTok’s entrance to the esports scene

An intriguing announcement comes from the popular app TikTok regarding college esports. The news holds a big scenario for their entrance to the esports scene. They have announced that they are partnering up with Collegiate Starleague and shall be commencing not one, but multiple online esports tournaments for League Of Legends, Rocket League, CS: GO […]Read More

Valorant: Tfue Talks About Why It Won’t Cross CS:GO

Riot Game’s first-person shooter title, Valorant has finally entered its Closed Beta stage. It started on April 7 and almost every player who received an invite has jumped into it. Prior to this, Riot invited several professional players from the esports community to test the game out on March 27th. They were even allowed to […]Read More

CS:GO – Next Set Of Skins Might Arrive With Source

CS:GO might be an old game, but that hasn’t stopped players from jumping into it. In fact, even though it was released more than 7 years ago, it is still one of the most-played games out there. The game is topping the charts on Steam, and players just can’t get enough of it. Because of […]Read More

DreamHack Masters CS:GO Has Been Shifted Online

One of the biggest esports tournament organizers in the world, DreamHack has recently announced that their upcoming DreamHack Masters event has been shifted online. The tournament for CS:GO that was meant to take place in Jonkoping, Sweden, will now get hosted online. The tournament was previously postponed, but the news didn’t surprise anyone considering everyone […]Read More

CS:GO Might Get Port To Source 2 Engine Soon

CS:GO is one of the top games in the world. Played by millions of players every month, Valve has constantly updated it to keep it playable for every player. Since the game’s release, we have seen several changes and improvements in it. Some of these changes were criticized, while others were well received by players. […]Read More

CS:GO Breaks Record Amid Corona Virus Lock Down

In light of the world-wide emergency quarantine taking place, people have been cancelling flight-tickets and stadiums have become empty. This has also caused many tournaments and matches to be cancelled as well. It has also led to tournaments being played in almost empty stadiums but the CS:GO community might be showing that there is still […]Read More