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Illuminar Roster Reveal: Will Snax Be The New Star Player?

Illuminar Origin Illuminar is one of the top 2 Polish teams the other team being AGO and, ranked #57 in the world right now. The organization formed in 2018 under the reigns of Mateusz Kowalczyk. Since then, it has gone through a lot of roster changes, disbands and, whatnot.  The organization is involved in not just CS:GO, but also […]Read More

ex CS:GO Pro Shay “shAy” Victorio sentenced 116 years

In a shocking turn of events, the Brazilian court charged former professional CS:GO player Shay Victorio with larceny and fraud allegations. 118 people have come forward and reported that Shay’s online store did not send them the goods that they ordered. Shay mentioned that her ex-husband along with other former business partners was responsible for […]Read More

IEM Heads To Melbourne

Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) has announced that they will be coming back to Australia as they have done before but this time instead of Sydney they have decided to venture into unknown territory and are instead heading towards Melbourne with their CS:GO tournament which will take place in August and like before there will be […]Read More

LGD Gets CS:GO Roster

More and more organizations have been stepping up into the eSports scene. Watching the current growth of the industry, eSports s steadily getting to the point where organizations will want to invest. Being part of a rising industry makes perfect sense. But before that can be done, you have to have a decent roster. LGD […]Read More

‘Pyth’ to be Replaced at MLG:Columbus

Quite a lot of shuffling going on in squads. Players are being let go, new rosters are being formed. Entire squads are also being dissolved to form new ones. Funnily enough, visas are being a pain for players travelling to play at tournaments. Recently, ‘Pyth’ was denied his visa to go play at MLG: Columbus, […]Read More

PGL and HTC Launch 1vs1 Tournament

PGL and HTC have partnered up to launch a new, unique tournament that will bring players on a 1vs1 CS:GO platform. This is not an entirely different tournament, we see 1vs1 LANs quite some. However, a 1vs1 LAN tournament for a highly team-based game like CS:GO, now that is something to look out for. Also, […]Read More

Alpha Gaming Sign Former Team123

With the eSports scene for Counter Strike Global Offensive ever rising, more and more organizations are being formed. The goal being competition, teams keep springing up, climbing ladders to reach bigger platforms. A lot of times, veteran players form up their own squads or are brought into new ones. Larger organizations with capital and a […]Read More

I-League Announced for CS:GO

As if there weren’t already tons of CS:GO tournaments and leagues underway, the I-League has also been announced recently. StarLadder has intended to keep this new tournament of theirs, strictly invitational. The tournament is going to be held at the Olympiyskiy Football Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine. It kicks off on May 19th. It seems like […]Read More

Na’Vi takes Counter Pit 2 home

The counter Pit Season 2 tournament had gone through a series of breakdowns in the form of technical and production issues. Although it’s seemingly difficult to digest a technical breakdown at an event that is literally computers. In any case, Na’Vi was able to take it all away by the end of the tournament. Natus […]Read More

Team Secret Signs WRTP

Unfortunately enough, the eSports competitive scene is dominated by male players. Most of the games have male populated teams dominating the top of the tables. However, WRTP (We Run This Place) has shown the eSports community that women can game and be pretty darn good at it. Recently, they got signed by Team Secret. WRTP […]Read More