Spider-Man 2: Hunter Blinds and Bases Guide

Spider-Man 2: Hunter Blinds and Bases Guide
Spider-Man 2: Hunter Blinds and Bases Guide

Hunter Blinds are available on the map after the main story mission, “Bad Guys on the Block” and for the Hunter Bases; you have to conquer all the Hunter Blinds in one district to unlock them. Hunters use cloaking tech to hide their Hunter Blinds so head towards any reflective surface you notice while swinging in Spider-Man 2 to register them on the mini-map. During this side activity, you will be clearing all the enemies at a Hunter Blind and then using a Hunter Drone to find out the vulnerabilities and location of the district’s Hunter Base. You can do this side activity with both Peter and Miles however Miles is recommended as you can sneak back into stealth using his camouflage ability.

There are a total of 11 Hunter Blinds and 4 Hunter Bases you will receive 1000 XP, 5 Rare Tech Parts and 150 Tech Parts for completing each Hunter Blind. For the 4 Bases, 1500 XP, 5 Hero Tokens, and 350 Tech Parts will be rewarded. Note: The information Hunter Drones reveals depends on the order in which you are doing the Blinds. The first or second Blinds will contain vulnerabilities for the Base and the last one will reveal the Base’s location.

Spider-Man 2: Hunter Blinds and Bases Guide

1. Aviary Blind – Downtown Brooklyn 1/2:

The first Aviary Blind is located in North Downtown Brooklyn, just above the Mysterium. Deploy Web Lines to stealth takedown the Hunters on the upper rooftops and then web zip the drones. You can then proceed to take down the rest in direct combat as the Hunters will stay in view of each other hindering stealth. Both Hunter and Underground Tech Crates are available that you can also grab at this Blind. Use the third image above to help you find the vulnerabilities of the Aviary Base.

2. Aviary Blind – Downtown Brooklyn 2/2:

You can find the second Aviary Blind near the middle of the district, just west of the FNSM App request. The enemies are divided between the upper rooftop and the lower one, so try clearing the upper one in stealth as it contains snipers who can hit you easily during combat on higher difficulties. Also, you will notice that the lower rooftop has a separate section that some enemies patrol off into, so do not hesitate to put them to rest with your webs. The drone will reveal that the location of the base is a rundown army base in Brooklyn.

Note: Unlike Hunter Blinds, Hunter Bases can get overwhelming for some players due to the sheer size of enemies that you have to deal with. We recommend using your Skill Points and making the relevant upgrades before starting them. To know, the best 5 of each, check out these guides:
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A. Aviary Base – Downtown Brooklyn:

The Aviary Base is located in the most northwestern area of Downtown Brooklyn. The sub-objectives of the base include overloading the three talon drone chargers and disabling the communications console to prevent the Hunters from calling reinforcements. To overload them, just connect the chargers to a nearby power supply using your conductive webs. Try to clear the enemies in the surroundings as they might stop you during the process. An advantage of these huge bases is that while you may get caught in an area, the whole base will not be alerted so you can zip back into hiding after dealing with the area.

You can use these images for reference as it can be hard to trace the exact electricity links. Be mindful of the drones as they might catch you doing their patrol. Overloading the chargers is effective as the drones will not be a hindrance during combat.

Aviary Base – Downtown Brooklyn – 7

Ganke tells you that there is a hidden room in the base which you can download data from. The data reveals a call from Kraven’s wife Sasha Kravinoff who begs Kraven to return. She predicts that their children will start a conflict to take control of the empire, to which Kraven recommends that she strike first.

3. Garden Blind – Financial District 1/3:

This Garden Blind is located in the south area of the Financial District. You will notice that the hunters are guarding some plants. It is a rather easy Blind with only one sniper covering the Hunters, whom you can one-shot with a web zip. Look into the Hunter Drone data and you will find the location of the Garden Base’s communication console.

4. Garden Blind – Financial District 2/3:

This is the most unique Hunter Blind as there are no enemies to fight here. Instead, you just need to solve a laser puzzle to get the needed information. The second Garden Blind is right in the middle of the Financial District, east of the Unidentified Targets marker. While the puzzle may seem hard at first, just jump in the middle and walk towards the panel on the southwest to shut the lasers off. On the opposite side of the roof, you can access the drone now and find the two vulnerabilities in the base.

5. Garden Blind – Financial District 3/3:

The last Garden Blind is in the East Financial District. It is pretty run-of-the-mill and will be easy to breeze through. Use the image above to find the exact location of the Garden Base from the Hunter drone which reveals the base to be in a skyscraper.

B. Garden Base – Financial District:

The Garden Base is in the east region of the Financial District, just below the last Garden Blind we covered. When you reach the marker, you will find that unlike every other Hunter Blinds and Bases, this Base is underground and you’ll have to access it through a sewer by manoeuvring through some pipes.

For this Base, aside from disabling the Communications Console to stop any backup from coming, you can also destroy the toxic plants by making the two sprinklers spray herbicide instead of water. Press L1 + R1 at the levers to turn them and spray herbicide. It will also put some Hunters immediately to rest, making it easier to clean up the whole Base.

Garden Base – Financial District – 5

Kraven’s conversation this time is with his elder son Vladimir Kravinoff who wanted to come with Kraven and doubts that maybe his father did not want him to show him up. Kraven explains that this is exactly what he wants but doubts that Vladimir will be the one to do it. Vladimir goes on to argue that Kraven has taken away their birthright and has his children fighting over scraps.

6. Arsenal Blind – Upper West Side 1/3:

The first Arsenal Blind is in the east region of the Upper West Side district, just beside Central Park. It is a larger-than-average Hunter Blind that is more tailored towards a head-on approach. Use Web Zip to defeat the enemies on the upper roofs and then go for direct combat. You can take help from the image above to get the location of the comms console in the base.

7. Arsenal Blind – Upper West Side 2/3:

This Blind is in the northeast area of the Upper West Side district. This is another simple Hunter Blind which will not be much of a difficulty to tackle. The Hunter Drone here will reveal three vulnerabilities in the Arsenal Base, for which you can use our image.

8. Arsenal Blind – Upper West Side 3/3:

You will find the last Arsenal Blind on the west side of the district. The rooftop has a helipad on it too which makes it easier to spot. Take your fight to the sky by using Air Launch and Swing Kick for air combos as this blind allows for a rather open fight with all the enemies closing in. The Hunter Drone here will reveal the location of the base is inside an abandoned hotel.

C. Arsenal Base – Upper West Side:

The Arsenal Base is in the southwest region of the Upper West Side, just north of the Arsenal Blind that was in the west. The Hunters have snipers providing cover from the outside of the hotel that you should deal with first.

The communications console will be stashed inside the tower shown in the picture above and you should head for it after clearing the Hunters outside. The Hunters have done some renovation of the abandoned hotel, and by that we mean they have dug big holes in its floors that you can use to move between floors. Some of the floors are guarded by lasers that you will have to disable. This will solve the sub-ojective to deactivate 4 Hunter Lasers too.

Arsenal Base – Upper West Side – 5

The encrypted files this time reveal a conversation between Kraven and his younger son, Nedrocci Tannengarden who begs Kraven to come back so that they can be family again. Nedrocci says that the family has stopped talking to him, and Kraven replies that this ordeal will be good for him.

9. Motorpool Blind – Harlem 1/3:

This big Motorpool Blind is located right in the middle of the Harlem district, containing many enemies. You will also have to deal with a Hunter Plane during combat which you can just web up and destroy with L1 + R1. You’ll find the location of the comms console through the Hunter Drone, and we have attached an image above for reference.

10. Motorpool Blind – Harlem 2/3:

You will find this rather small Motorpool Blind in West Harlem that you can wipe out quickly with some well-timed Web Zips. After you defeat some of the Hunters, reinforcements will appear to help them out. Through the Hunter Drone, you will find three vulnerabilities at the Harlem Base.

11. Motorpool Blind – Harlem 3/3:

The last Blind is in northwest Harlem which will be very simple to clear. If you are having trouble finding the location of the base, use the image above for reference.

D. Motorpool Base – Harlem:

The Motorpool Base is in the middle of Harlem, holed up inside an abandoned school. It is a pretty big base divided between sub-areas that you can try to tackle separately.

The sub-objective of the base guides you to subjugate three vehicle turrets and disable the communications console to prevent backup from being called. You can sabotage the vehicle turrets to your advantage during combat as they can help defeat enemies.

Motorpool Base – Harlem – 5

This time, Kraven’s conversation is with his daughter Ana Kravinoff who challenges that she can give Kraven the fear he demands. She reveals that she killed the whole family which makes Kraven think if she can be his true rival. However, she proceeds to kill herself in front of Kraven.

After you have completed all of the Hunter Blinds and Bases and got to know the fate of Kraven’s family, you will earn the Seek and Destroy Trophy along with the Last Hunt Suit for Peter and the Most Dangerous Game Suit for Miles.

While the Hunter Blinds and Bases side activity is the most combat-intensive side activity, Spider-Man 2 includes other pretty fun side activities like Prowler Stashes and EMF Experiments that you should also complete. If you are having trouble with any of these then we have got you covered with our detailed guides:

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