New Year Sleep Time 2024 Coming to Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep 2024 Sleep Time

Pokemon Sleep is bringing along a new year’s event starting on the first day of the new year on January 1st and brings neat little rewards, more Pokemon encounters, and some great sleeping habits to start 2024 in the right way.

It’s quite a coincidence that the new year will start with the next whole week and so what better way is there to commemorate it than a whole week of Pokemon Sleep! For the upcoming week, the Kanto starters will be getting boosted appearance chances as well as more for every different Island in the game. There will be exclusive rewards, Sleep Points, Shop Bundles and more.

Players will be able to get 2024 Sleep Points if they manage to get good sleep times during the whole week of the event. Additionally, there will also be a 1.5X boost to EXP gain throughout each day. Pokemon will also be spawning of all varieties regardless of the type of Sleep players have in the game.

For appearances, players will get the following boosts according to the Island they choose to spend their first week of 2024 in:

  • GreenGrass Isle will feature the whole Kanto trio as well as Pikachu with booster appearance rates. For some recommendations, the Kanto starter trio is very effective and useful to have as a helper Pokemon in the game. Each one gets a different variety of berries and gathers up items fast. If players manage to get any with a good set of sub-skills, it will be very good to have on their team.
  • Cyan Beach will have Squirtle and Pikachu with boosted appearance rates.
  • Taupe Hollow will have Charmander exclusively with the boosted appearance rate.
  • Snowdrop Tundra will have Abomasnow and Snover appearing more frequently than usual after sleep research. They’re also rare to get so this would be a convenient chance for people to try to get them if they have the snowy region unlocked in the game.

It will be a convenient manner to start the new year with Pokemon Sleep helping users track their sleep and help them aim for regular and healthy sleep cycles. For fans, it will be a fun way to spend time right before sleeping and waking up first thing with the mobile app beside them. Overall, the app has an active playerbase and frequent users so it will be an incentive for devs to keep on rolling newer events and for players to keep on using it daily.

For more, check out the mobile application’s official website. Pokemon has a ton of new year content for many of its different varieties of Pokemon content such as the New Year event in Pokemon GO, spending the holidays with Pokemon and more.


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