Sonic x Shadow Generations bringing back Sonic Generations

Sonic x Shadow Generations

A brand new game in the Sonic franchise has just been unveiled by SEGA, who are bringing back the Sonic Generations title from 2011 with brand new additions to give it a revamp for the modern videogame market. Sonic x Shadow Generations will come with Classic and Modern Sonics but also with Shadow, a favourite of many Sonic fans who think fondly of him even more than the main character, with a brand new story that features new levels and much more later this year.

Sonic x Shadow Generations Release Date:

Sonic x Shadow Generations will be released in Autumn 2024 on all platforms including older gen and newer ones. It will be released on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S and Steam.

Sega just announced the game by releasing a trailer via their X/Twitter Account that can be found below:

This is quite a surprise and many fans would be happy seeing the news as the original Sonic Generations is still a very beloved title with a very positive reception. Sonic and Shadow fans can dine well till the game releases later this year. There was a rumour about Sega bringing Sonic Generations back as a full remaster, but this is much better as the game looks to not just be a generic remastered title, but one that comes with a brand new story, gameplay, levels and much more to give it a fresh feel.

The reveal trailer had plenty of good sneak peeks into the game with Shadow taking most of the limelight, showing him on various new stages of the upcoming game as well as his moveset and more.

Announcement Trailer:

Check out the X/Twitter link above to see Sonic x Shadow Generations trailer, or you can watch it on YouTube here:

Looks like the new year will be a good one for fans of the Sonic franchise. It has also been quite a while since a title came from SEGA with Shadow as a main character with Sonic, so this news looks to entice many fans to think about what else the company would unveil later.

Check out more for Sonic via his official website, Sega should be announcing more info on the game soon.


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