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Xbox Dream Vapor Controller? Xbox Design Lab offers some compelling Vapor customization colorways for their new Xbox Vapor Series of controllers. However, It seems that after multiple generations of controllers, we’re getting a new Special Edition Xbox Controller for 2024. The Xbox SE Wireless Controller, now officially trademarked as the Xbox Dream Vapor Special Edition Wireless Controller, is coming soon. However, are we getting a cosmetic overhaul? Will there be any hardware changes to the new 2024 Special Edition Xbox Controller? So, what’s the price, and when will the Xbox Dream Vapor Series be released?

UPDATE: The Special Edition Xbox Dream Vapor Wireless Controller Will Release on February 6, 2024.

Furthermore, gamers will also enjoy the option of a Vapor Series; with 6 top case options that can be customized in the Xbox Design Lab

  • The New Vapor Series Will Launch on February 6, 2024, featuring 6 Top Cases.
  • Following suit, the Special Edition Xbox Dream Vapor Controller will be released on 6th February 2024.
  • The Xbox Dream Vapor Controller will not feature a battery pack, requiring 2 lithium-ion batteries. But with 40 Hours of Playtime.
  • The new Xbox Special Edition Controller will be available in an amalgam of Soft Pink and Purple Swirls.
  • The Dream Vapor Controller will retail for 69.99 USD in the US. 64.99 Pounds in the UK. 69.99 Euros in Europe.

Where To Buy The Xbox Dream Vapor Special Edition Controller? Price, Pre-order Options, Availability

Xbox Dream Vapor Wireless Controller Where To Buy, Pre-order Price Release Date - Xbox Special Edition Controller 2024

Moreover, it seems that the new Xbox Special Edition Controller will retail for 69.99 USD in the United States. Further, the new Special Edition Wireless Controller will hit Europe for 69.99 Euros. However, our fellows over in The UK will get to buy the Dream Vapor Controller for 64.99 Pounds.

You can currently pre-order the Xbox Dream Vapor Controller at the following online and offline retailers before it officially launches on February 6, 2024.

The Xbox StormCloud Vapor Wireless Controller is available for purchase via online and offline retailers:

The remaining lineup of Xbox Vapor Controllers is TBD in terms of availability.

New Dream Vapor Wireless Controller – Design, Features, And More

The new Xbox Dream Vapor Wireless controller was revealed on Xbox Wire on January 31, 2024. The Vapor Series can be customized according to your liking in the Design Lab, and that pretty much goes for the Dream Vapor Wireless Controller as well.

The new 2024 Special Edition controller features a misty pattern and some textured looks that are distinct on each Special Edition Xbox Controller. According to Xbox, each design on every controller is different.

The subtle pink enmeshed with the marbled and soft, swirling purple adorns the entirety of the controller. The cherry on top is the soft thumb stick adorned in a baby pink. Furthermore, the Xbox Dream Vapor continues these baby pink accents on the Hybrid D-Pad, bumpers, and triggers. Purple rubberized grips keep your hands from slipping off. Moreover, the face buttons get a face-lift with purple ABXY buttons with a soft pink background.

New 2024 Dream Vapor Controller Xbox Closeups

To add a bit of flair, pairing the Dream Vapor Wireless Controller to your Xbox enables an Exclusive Dynamic Background on your Xbox Series S|X Dashboard, overhauling the Special Edition Dream Vapor Experience.

Xbox Dream Vapor Dynamic Background

Xbox Dream Vapor Series – 6 Different Xbox Vapor Variants

Vapor Controller Release Where To Buy

The New Vapor Series will also make its way to Xbox Design Lab, along with the Special Edition Dream Vapor Controller. Gamers looking for a new Xbox Series S|X Controller can look forward to 6 Different Face Top Case Options – with swirling color patterns similar to the Special Edition Controller:

  • Electric Vapor: Merger of Green Volt and Velocity Green.
  • Nocturnal Vapor: Amalgam of Dark Green and Grey Swirl.
  • Fire Vapor: Features a Fiery Red and Orange Mist.
  • Stormcloud Vapor: Earlier released with a Blue swirl design.
  • Cyber Vapor: Mixture of Pink and Purple Swirls.
  • Dream Vapor: Special Edition Variant with Soft Purple and Pink Swirls.

Dream Vapor Special Edition Wireless Controller Release Date

New Xbox SE Controller 2024

The Xbox Dream Vapor Controller was leaked by X user, Billbil-kun. The “Private Investigator” revealed that Amazon Listings of the upcoming Xbox Dream Vapor Wireless Controller have been popping up in North America, the UK, and Europe

The new controller is the first special edition controller from Xbox in 2024 and will be available in Pink. No battery packs this time though, you’ll still need to go with 2 Lithium-ion batteries. It’s speculated that the new Special Edition Xbox Controller for 2024 will follow in the footsteps of the Stormcloud Vapor Controller but take this information with a grain of salt.

The Amazon Listing for the U.S. states that the Xbox Special Edition Wireless Controller will officially be released on 20 February 2024 in the United States. However, the new Xbox SE Controller might make it to Europe earlier. The release date For the EU is set to Feb 12, 2024, on the Amazon DE listing.

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