Netflix Games Grand Theft Auto Definitive Edition Upgrades


If you have a cellphone and want to play your favorite Grand Theft Auto games, then Netflix has just the kind of offer for you!

Reports were circulating a few years ago, reported by many tech reporters, that Netflix is going to venture into gaming. It looks like they are very serious about it as they have collaborated with one of the giants in the gaming industry, Rockstar Games.

Netflix’s subscribers can now download the definitive edition of GTA Trilogy for free as part of the deal.

Some fans and critics find it useless. As it does not sound right for a movie/series streaming service company to venture into gaming. However, those who want to play their favorite GTA games anywhere they want will surely love this. 

What’s New with GTA on Netflix:

The definitive edition GTA Trilogy met with a lot of bugs and glitches upon its release. Developers had to pull the games back and release them after fixing many of the issues. The original developers of the ‘Definitive’ editions, the Grove Street Games, have been replaced by Video Games Deluxe. They previously worked on L.A Noire.

  • Lighting and Ambiance.

One of the major ones is the ambience of the game. GTA: III, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas all have their own atmospheric ambience & lighting, but the definitive editions, in trying to gloss over anything and everything, ended up ruining the feel of the game, such as removing smog from GTA: San Andreas and the original color palette of the atmosphere.

In the portable devices’ versions, however, the developers have given the original color palette as a choice to gamers to either choose the newer glossy/clean version of the game. Or the original-like color palette that the game was always famous for.

  • Moving signboards, oil pumping machines, etc.

When the definitive editions were released, the signboards, oil pumping machines, and other moving parts statically stopped moving/spinning, something that was not the case with the original releases of the games back in the day. But with these new versions, these issues are resolved as well, as fans noticed signboards and parts of some structures moving like they used to. Remember how we players used to punch the hell out of those punching bags in the gym area in GTA: San Andreas? For some reason, they just did not move anymore in the initial releases of the definitive edition, but thankfully that too has finally been fixed in the mobile version for Netflix. Now, players can have fun punching those damn punching bags again!

  • Normal-looking Characters in GTA: San Andreas.

When the definitive versions first rolled out, the characters in the game, especially CJ (Carl Johnson), the main protagonist of GTA: San Andreas, would appear deformed with weirdly shaped arms and a slouched neck while doing certain actions like working out in the gym and on the bike as well.

Developers have made improvements in this regard as well, with Carl looking normal like he used to when the game was first released back in 2004, and not like some terrestrial.

  • Some Other Improvements.

Water splashes when jumping/falling in the initial version of definitive editions of the trilogy annoyed many gamers, because it just did not look good with weird liquid rings. Now the splashes look much better and realistic in the new version.

Since we are talking about water, thankfully the invisible water glitch in some areas in GTA: San Andreas is fixed as well in the new update.

Devs have fixed water’s ripple effect for bullets as well. Previously, the animation looked off, with the effect completely becoming non-existent after a couple of bullet shots. Now it is a clean and smooth water effect upon firing bullets.

Drinking the Sprunk cans in the initially released versions on the console and PC had CJ drinking from his head! In the current mobile version of Netflix, they have fixed that glitch as well. Now, CJ can normally drink from his mouth.

There are other minor fixes and updates as well in the mobile version of Netflix. However, there are still many glitches in the game. Considering the massive number of bugs and glitches in the PC and console versions, the improvements are a walk in the right direction.

How to get the games? 

Well, first, the no-brainer is that users will need to have a Netflix membership before anything else. Then all the user needs is to have a decent cellphone with decent specifications to run the things. You can visit the Netflix Help Center to learn about these details.

There are two ways to download and install the game. One is through the Netflix app. Tap on the ‘search’ bar, which will pop up an interface titled ‘Recommended Mobile Games’. Navigate through the games by scrolling to the left/right until the user finds the games. Tapping on the games will pop up a link to the designated store for both iOS and Android devices. Tapping the ‘Get’ or ‘Get game,’ based on the user’s OS type, will start the downloading and installation process. Once done, users can start the games directly from the Netflix App. The games will also directly appear on the home screen on iOS and apps directory/menu on Android devices.

The second way is to directly download and install the game from the designated app store/play store based on OS. All it takes is to search for the desired game from the trilogy, tap on ‘Get,’ install and play. Once the user has a subscription to Netflix, the store automatically gives the ‘Get’ option.

It all comes down to how the user wants to do it.


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