Pokemon TCG Scarlet and Violet Temporal Forces Announced

Pokemon TCG Temporal Forces

The next expansion of Pokemon TCG has just been announced with different products already up for preorder at the Pokemon Center website featuring signature Paradox Pokemon from the mainline Pokemon videogame titles Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

For the artwork, Ancient Pokemon that are available in Pokemon Scarlet and Future Pokemon from Pokemon Violet are covered in the official artworks of this new expansion, with the contents including brand new ACE SPEC type cards for Trainer Cards and an Energy. For those that wouldn’t know Paradox Pokemon are a varying type of an already existing Pokemon that had or would have a different look and form based on whether it is an Ancient or a Future Pokemon. These are exclusive to each version of the current mainline Pokemon games so for those that would like to get them for Pokemon TCG, this would be the expansion to double down on.

Pokemon TCG Scarlet and Violet Temporal Forces

The Pokemon TCG Products are available to pre-order already at the Pokemon Center. Currently, the product lineup includes two different Pokemon Elite Trainer Boxes, a Booster Box, a Booster Bundle and Booster Packs.

Temporal Forces Elite Trainer Box:

The Pokemon TCG Scarlet & Violet Temporal Forces Expansion’s Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Boxes feature a Pokemon from each game, Walking Wake (Ancient Suicune) from Pokemon Scarlet for its version of the Trainer Box, and Iron Leaves (Future Virizon) from Pokemon Violet for the other.

The contents include 11 Booster Packs, 2 Featured Promo cards of Flutter Mane or Iron Thorns with one just having an additional Pokemon Center logo, 65 Card Sleeves of Flutter Mane or Iron Thorns and the rest of the normal contents of an Elite Trainer Box like the Player’s Guide or Manual, Energy Cards, Plastic Flip Die, Markers, A card for Pokemon TCG Live and the whole box itself. The retail price for the Pre-order right now is at $59.99.

Pokemon TCG Booster Box:

The Booster Box for the newest upcoming Expansion contains 36 Booster Packs of Temporal Forces priced at $161.14.

Booster Bundle:

The Booster Bundle holds 6 Booster Packs and costs $26.94.

Booster Packs:

Individual packs are also available to preorder with 1 costing $4.49.

Pokemon TCG Temporal Forces

As it has been a return to form, ex Pokemon are back and this Pokemon TCG expansion will include them for many of the featured Paradox Pokemon on artworks and more. As always, the Pokemon Center also provides exclusive Products that wouldn’t be available anywhere else in the form of the exclusive Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Boxes, and if you’re an experienced Pokemon TCG collector, you’d know how fast the products sell out so even getting a Pre-order in is rare and reassuring, hence this would be the moment to do that to get rid of any hassle in the future.

There would be other products coming in the future that fans might want to keep some money saved up for just in case.


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