Hisuian Typhlosion Raid Day Coming on January 14

Pokemon GO Hisuian Typhlosion

Hisuian Pokemon have been making their way into Pokemon GO in the previous few months, with Hisuian Samurott taking headlines the previous month as the first of the Hisuian Starters making its debut in Pokemon GO. For this month, Hisuian Typhlosion will be coming on its Raid Day on January 14th for three hours from 2 PM to 5 PM this upcoming Sunday.

Pokemon Legends Arceus gained quite the popularity from the Pokemon fanbase and for its exclusive Hiusian Pokemon from the land of Hisui, or the ancient land of Sinnoh, none of them have been available on other games through normal means. This is why for fans of Legends Arceus, this is the time to get another exclusive Pokemon from the game in Pokemon GO. This is also the first time that a starter evolution gained alternate versions of itself, with Cyndaquil, Oshawott and Rowlet being the three starter Pokemon of Legends Arceus. They could evolve into their Hisuian forms in the mainline video game, but that isn’t available in Pokemon GO, hence right now raids are the only means of obtaining these rare Pokemon.

Hisuian Typhlosion

Hisuian Typhlosion:

The Gen 2 Fire Type comes with a different look and with a different type as well. Hisuian Typhlosion is a Fire and Ghost Type Pokemon that even has a signature Ghost Type Move in Legends Arceus. It looks a bit more lax as compared to the normal version, but it is still quite formidable and would be an excellent addition to any lineup in Pokemon GO. It would be useful in raids as well as in PVP.

It will be available in 3 Star Raids on Raid Day with its shiny form also available, the same as Hiusian Samurott’s Raid Day.

Event Bonuses:

Bonuses for Raid Day are the following:

  • Players will get 5 additional free raid passes on top of the 1 free daily raid pass.
  • Remote Raid Pass Limit will be increased to 20 from 4 PM on January 13th to 7 PM on January 14th.
  • Hisuian Typhlosion will appear very frequently in raids during the three event hours.
  • Shiny Encounter Chance of Hisuian Typhlosion will be increased for the whole event duration.

Raid Ticket:

An Event Ticket for $5 will also be available for purchase that will grant additional bonuses which are the following:

  • 8 Additional Free Raid Passes on top of the 5 from the normal bonus.
  • Players will have an increased chance of getting XL Candy from Raids.
  • Players who purchase the ticket will also get a 2x bonus Stardust from Raids.
  • They will also get a 2x bonus XP from raids.

These bonuses will be available from the start of the Raid Day till 10 PM on Sunday.

The bonuses given for free make it convenient for players to participate and battle Hisuian Typhlosion while the bonuses from the purchasable Event Ticket will give more bonuses from participating in raids. Since this newest ongoing season is featured around Legends Arceus, there will be plenty of more Hisuian content coming to Pokemon GO and for Legends Arceus fans, this is an essential time to be playing Pokemon GO with many varieties of Hisuian Pokemon available to all.

For more on everything that Pokemon GO has to offer this year, check out the game’s official website.


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