Pokemon Sleep Adding Brand New Research Area Lapis Lakeside

Pokemon Sleep looks to have an active playerbase already as the unique Sleep Tracking App/ Mobile game is slowly getting new content out for players to enjoy. To start the new year, there was a New Year event and right after, a new Research Area is now being added to the game later this month.

For players that would know, the game currently has four Research Areas that players access by playing the game and fulfilling certain requirements, such as tracking their sleep, discovering and updating the Sleep Pokedex and more. Players look to have managed to unlock the furthermost Area currently available in the game already and some seem to have got everything out of the game’s content right now. Hence, the new Research Area comes with brand-new content that doesn’t just include the area itself. It will come with brand-new Pokemon as well.

Pokemon Sleep Snorlax and Cubone

The New Area is named Lapis Lakeside and has a mysterious atmosphere surrounding it. For Pokemon, Dratini, Ralts and Stufful are found here and they all will be arriving in the game along with the new area. It is unconfirmed yet what will be the requirements for the new area, but for those that are looking to get the new Pokemon, there will be a brand new event coming after the new area is added that will feature Ralts, Dratini and Stufful. This event will be on Greengrass Isle, the first Area that is unlocked to everybody so everyone can participate. The event will be arriving at the end of this month.

The game/sleep tracking app is still a relatively new app from Pokemon but after almost half a year since its release, it is getting brand new content coming its way so players that play Pokemon Sleep would see it fortunate to keep playing the game. The application can be looked at as a useful app to track one’s sleep and to manage their sleep cycles for better health and a better routine. For Pokemon fans, it’s that much more interesting as they get the most out of it; favourite Pokemon and unique gameplay with the added touch of sleep tracking.

Check out the official webpage of Pokemon Sleep for more.

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