Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase For 21 February Announced

Nintendo Direct February

A Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase has just been announced to stream tomorrow going over the latest Nintendo news this first half of the year will entail from the company.

February Nintendo Direct Stream Time and News:

The news arrives with the official announcement Nintendo shares through social media channels. As the news reads, it will air on 21 February at 6 AM PT, streaming for about 25 minutes, going through software titles and games coming to the Nintendo Switch in the first half of this year. The year did start rather bland when it came to future Nintendo Switch titles coming, hence this is the news Nintendo fans have been waiting for.

Here’s the post from Nintendo of America’s X/Twitter page:

Interested people can watch the stream tomorrow over here.

News Predictions and Leaks:

Despite the official news just now surfacing, a whole streak of predictions and leaks came out this previous month that went over a Nintendo Direct arriving in mid-February, with many linking it to future news as well of the seemingly Switch Successor reveal arriving next month. Centroleaks, a page on X/Twitter is one source that overviews accurate leaks and reported the Nintendo Direct beforehand. Hence it might verily be a sign that other rumours and leaks could be more accurate than most believe them to be.

Time is however the only true way everyone will get to know what comes out way from Nintendo in the next few months.

Going through a few other rumours and leaks, there were a few names of titles coming as unconfirmed information similar to a February Nintendo Direct, which included titles like Fire Emblem 4 Remake and more, so it’s just a matter of little more time until the official stream happens tomorrow.

It’s also to note that some are thinking that this might even be looking like the last Nintendo Direct for the Nintendo Switch, as the successor console is readying up to be announced and later released, with the original predicted date coming later this year, however, now sources are saying that it has been pushed back to early 2025.

If so, it would line up to a release window that was similar to the Nintendo Switch’s own release window back in 2017, which only adds more coincidental belief that the successor console could be as big, if not bigger, than the current Nintendo console in markets which is the company’s most successful console in their history.

Hence, for fans and those associated with Nintendo, official news is finally here, and February 21st looks to seemingly have some unveils and news with a Nintendo Direct finally streaming.

For more on Nintendo, check out the company’s official website. There’s also big Pokemon news coming later in just a few days with Pokemon Day arriving so Pokemon fans could also look forward as the month is suddenly looking very interesting now for Nintendo fans.


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