Helldivers 2 Chargers Location and How to Defeat Them

Chargers in Helldivers 2 are a formidable enemy type that can easily knock you away and gnash away at your flesh. As a competent Helldiver in Helldivers 2, you can not hide from them! But then again, if you foolishly fight them it will be the end of your journey as a helldiver. Chargers cannot be directly just shot like Hunters, and you need to instead strategize properly. It is also important that you can identify a Charger so that you can anticipate its charging attack. We’ll guide you on where you can find and kill them.

What are Chargers in Helldivers 2?

Chargers are arachnids part of the Terminids that can be a pain to deal with. Chargers do not attack alone and are generally accompanied by Hunters and other variations of the Terminids. Chargers have armour around their body which saves them from damage with weapons like Assault Rifles. They are big in size and crawl very fast towards you to hit you like minotaurs. Their hard shell also protects their head.

Chargers Helldivers 2

Where to find Chargers in Helldivers 2?

Chargers are found in Medium-difficulty and above missions. In Medium difficulty, you may have to fight them as a sub-objective. They are of course only available in the Terminid’s territory on the right of the world map. Challenging difficulty should be enough if you are looking to encounter Chargers, so just make sure that the mission you intend to complete includes Heavily Armoured Enemies.

Chargers in Terminid Territory Helldivers 2
Chargers in Terminid Territory Helldivers 2

How to kill Chargers?

The Charger’s ghastly charge is its also main weakness that you need to exploit. A Charger cannot stop its charge midway and you can use that to your advantage by standing in front of walls or any other hard structures that it cannot walk over. When the Charger is just about to attack you, dive away at the last moment and the Charger will be stunned for a while as it hits the wall. You can use this period to move into a better situation and attack the Charger’s unarmoured area from behind. Even if you cannot use a structure to your advantage, diving away at the last moment can still give you enough time if executed well to do some good damage to the Charger from its back. Chargers have high health so you will have to rinse and repeat. When their back bursts, they will keep bleeding and eventually die. Hooray!

If a Charger is attacking a teammate then use them as bait as any reasonable person would and move towards the back of the Charger and keep unloading your Assault Rifle on them. You should be aware that damaging a Charger’s shell is useless if you are not using armour-piercing weapons so do not waste your ammo on that. If you use normal ammo on their shell then they will ricochet to damage nearby enemies/allies. If you do have armour-piercing rounds, then aim at its legs to break the shell and focus your fire on the revealed legs. 

If a Charger has not noticed you, you can easily predict their movement and accordingly call an Orbital Precision Strike that will destroy them. If you have autocannons unlocked, they can be great too as they will pierce the armour of the Charger and deal considerable damage. For a guide on the Best Stratagems to use, click here.

Weapons like the Anti-Tank and the Anti-Material Rifle can pierce the armour of the Chargers leaving spots through which you can damage the Charger with your assault rifles.

Killing Chargers in Helldivers 2

Tip: If you fall by a Charger then drop your hellpod on it when you get revived to kill it. 

If you are being troubled by other enemy types like the Devastators in Helldivers 2 then check out this guide;

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