Fashion Week Returning to Pokemon GO

Fashion Week Pokemon GO Gothita

Fashion Week is returning with fresh looks and much more to Pokemon GO this November for a full five days bringing with it some great special looks for Pokemon with accessories, event bonuses, a new shiny version debut, special raids featuring fashionable Pokemon and a good variety of new Avatar looks for players.

Gothita and its whole evolutionary line are getting their shiny forms added to the game with the start of Fashion Week this November 15th at 10 AM. The event will last till November 19th at 8 PM from Wednesday to Sunday.

Fashion Week Full On:


New styles for Wooper, our concluded Community Day Pokemon for this month, as well as for Pikachu, Dragonite, Diglett and Croagunk will be available for the whole duration alongside Gothita, Female Frillish, Furfrou and Mareanie also coming as the normal spawns in the overworld in Pokemon GO.

Additionally, rare encounters bring Male Frillish and Absol with a special costume as well, with all of these Pokemon having their shiny forms also available in the game. Players would need to venture and encounter or catch as many Pokemon as they can to get a chance to encounter a lucky form of these.

Research Task Encounters:

Research Tasks will also be available themed around the event which will give players a chance to catch Butterfree with a special costume, Diglett with a hat, Wooper with a beanie, Kirlia with a hat, Shinx with a hat and Blitze with a special collar costume. All of these will also have their shiny forms available to lucky players who can encounter one.

There will also be a special purchasable Timed Research available in the game for $2 that will give players special encounters with event-themed Pokemon with their Fashion Week looks as well as 2 Premium Passes. Players will only need to complete the tasks in the event duration before the Timed Research tasks disappear, but that’s not a problem as most Timed Research tasks are easy to complete.

Collection Challenge:

A collection challenge will also go live with the start of the event where players need to catch or obtain the mentioned list of Pokemon for a level up to the Collection Challenge badge, as well as a special encounter with a Dragonite in a special Fashion Week costume. It will be wearing black glasses on its forehead. A shiny form Dragonite in this special costume encounter is very possible as well.


Five Pokemon will be hatching from event-themed 5km eggs which include Pichu with a summer hat, Wooper with a beanie, Smoochum with a black ribbon on its head, Shinx with a hat and finally Gothita itself as well. Moreover, Gothita hatched from these special eggs will have a higher chance of being shiny so going the hatching route would yield a better chance to get its shiny version in Pokemon GO. The rest of the Pokemon hatching from these eggs can also be shiny, although with a normal shiny chance.


Raids will be coming with exclusive Fashion Week Pokemon for the five days of the event for 1-star and 3-star raids.

One Star Raids will feature Fashion Week Pokemon with costumes such as Diglett, Wooper and Sneasel with a beanie, as well as Furfrou without a costume. Furfrou however has many choosable styles so players can always be keen to get one so they get a fashionable version of its look that they still don’t have yet.

For Three Star Raids, the rarer Pokemon will be available including Butterfree with its costume, Dragonite with its backglasses, special costume Kirlia and Absol with its new look.

The newest looks for Fashion Week that are brand new in the game are for Dragonite and for Wooper with its evolution. Dragonite with its black glasses and Wooper and Quagsire with their beanies have not been in the game before so players would want to add them to their roster of Pokemon. The rest of the looks are from Fashion Weeks in the previous years so players that didn’t manage to get them before can look to do so now in Pokemon GO.

Event Bonuses:

The special Fashion event brings with it a few exclusive bonuses, primarily of which is the variety of looks available for players’ Pokemon GO avatars during the event. The whole list is shared below.

Aside from this, for catching Pokemon the two event bonuses are the following:

  • Catching Pokemon will reward double the amount of Candy for the whole event duration. This is perfect for stocking up on Pokemon Candy for event-themed Pokemon.
  • Players that are Level 31 or above will also have a high chance of getting XL candy for catching Pokemon. This is perfect for players that are high-level with high-tier Pokemon that want to max out their CP.

Avatar Fashion:

What is Fashion Week without a huge variety of new looks that players can check out and purchase for themselves? As an event bonus, the ingame Accessory Shop for Avatars will feature some brand new looks as well as older ones so players can check out and set up a brand new Avatar look for themselves. These looks include clothes that are designed around Pokemon that are part of Fashion Week as well as for a few others. There are also completely fresh unique looks as well to choose from.

Here is the list of the new items in the ingame Avatar Accessory Shop:

  • Gothitelle Top
  • Gothitelle Pants
  • Gothitelle Shoes
  • Reuniclus Top
  • Reuniclus Boots
  • Hooded Denim Jacket
  • Denim Pants

Check out the new looks if you have some coins to spare for a fresh new look in Pokemon GO.

Fashion Week Showcases:

With all the new fashionable looks and designs, how can there not be some limelight? Showcases will also be available during the event for Gothita and Mareanie so players can show off their super-sized Pokemon to win and earn some nice showcase rewards.

There is plenty of stuff to enjoy in the coming weeks as November is looking absolutely full of new Pokemon GO content. Mega Garchomp is also almost here, the Festival of Lights is already ongoing, and now Fashion Week is coming before a Community Day Classic also ahead later this month.

Keep on playing Pokemon GO if you want some great new content to build a Pokemon collection for yourself. Check out the official website for Pokemon GO for more.


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