Rockstar’s GTA Trailer Forces Other Companies to Adapt, Piggyback

GTA Trailer

It could be considered a universal gaming fact that Grand Theft Auto has been one of the most popular and most played games in the past few decades, with gamers considering it the signature videogame that every single person in the industry knows about. Rockstar games have been shadowing their next biggest release which will seemingly make history once again when the next GTA title is announced; the trailer officially drops on December 5th in just a couple of days. This news has quite frankly broken the internet as there is no bigger talk in the industry when there is a brand new GTA title coming to fans since GTA V is now a decade-old title.

It is obvious that with this news, everything else will be overshadowed, which is why many companies are seemingly making changes to their plans and timelines to make the most out of this chance.

For those who still don’t have the whole picture which is almost impossible itself, Rockstar previously announced that they will be showcasing their next title in December, and the month is already here. The news is also up at a very interesting time too, right before The Game Awards;

Hence all eyes are on Rockstar and December 5 now, and seemingly the news of The Game Awards and all other news and announcements in the Gaming Industry are pushed back. Intentionally or not, Rockstar has forced others to play their cards faster and there have already been many announcements for other games that are trying to share the GTA limelight so they aren’t totally cut off.

Fall Guys has a trailer announcement that has almost the same exact colour fonts and style as the GTA trailer picture does. So do Halo Infinite and Call of Duty. It feels like there will be many other announcements coming our way for this week and the next too, as December is now suddenly packed with new announcements and more.

GTA Trailer and lookalike announcements

The Game Awards will be awarding the best titles of the year alongside a few new announcements too, although Geoff Keighley previously stated that there will be fewer ‘World Premiere’ announcements at TGA. Rockstar was assumed to be taking to the event to show the first look at the game, which is why the December 5 announcement is being considered by some as a very early one and one that takes advantage of the time window to steal all eyes. They aren’t wrong, as the GTA announcement is now looking to be bigger than TGA and the trailer drop will make a very lasting impression.

For a few expectations from fans, players are contemplating where the next Grand Theft Auto will take place, what kind of main characters will the game have, and how will Rockstar take the GTA formula a step ahead since the release of the decade-old GTA V title. Many know that some things will never change and it will be the same chaotic, comical, and comedic fun all GTA games are known for, but still, it will be the newest game that fans expect to be the best GTA experience, or the best gaming experience, that they have ever had.

GTA V would finally have a rest and so would GTA Online, which also raises the question of the next title’s Multiplayer scenario. All will come in due time, so for now players can wait a few days till December 5’s trailer release and take it from there.

Here’s a link to Rockstar Games’ official website, with the trailer taking the whole page until its big release date. It feels like it’s literally a new era beginning with a brand new GTA game announcement.


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