Rockstar Showcase GTA VI Trailer Early Amidst Leaks


Rockstar Games have just dropped the trailer for the next GTA title early amidst a mixture of real and fake news on the internet, possibly due to the actual legit trailer being a big part of them. Hence the first trailer that was to be shown later on December 5 is now already out.

Here is the first look at the next upcoming GTA game in its full watermark-less glory:

The game is now slated to arrive in 2025. The internet is about to blow, as GTA is the most popular videogame if not one of the most popular ones, that almost all gamers know of even if they’re one of the rare ones that haven’t played one. The leaks themselves were due to the massive viewership the X/Twitter trailer post got which was more than 170 million views as of this moment, and any kind of correlated content, real or fake, was bound to get a big reach. Fans are already hyped a day early now, albeit a little disappointed that the game will not be coming in 2024 so there will be some waiting for all to finally enjoy the next Grand Theft Auto title which seemingly is going back to Vice City by the looks of it.

There will be plenty of in-depth looks at the first look of GTAVI and all its content including the newest characters, the world, the story and much more. Here are some screenshots taken from the trailer in a slideshow format:

More will be announced in time before 2025 as fans will have to wait for at least a year to officially play the game now if the release date isn’t moved around. Check out Rockstar’s official website for more.


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