Indie World Showcase: November 14th, 2023

Indie World Showcase November 14 2023

The November 14 Indie World Showcase has just concluded after its announcement showing some of the latest Indie titles coming to the Nintendo Switch with plenty of news coverage over its 22-ish-minute run. Still no Silksong unfortunately, but plenty of interesting and good-looking games were shown.

To start off, the first showcase was a brand new Shantae game which seemingly is a very old one, coming to the Nintendo Switch. An old abandoned Shantae title for the Game Boy Advance was completed by the same team of Wayforward that worked on it years ago and now Shantae Advance Risky Revolution will be out next year. Shantae fans can rest easy.

The second Indie World Showcase title is an interesting-looking one that brings a mix of dungeon-crawler and base-building named Core Keeper. Fireshine Games gives a new gaming experience where players can explore caverns, build bases, defeat big bosses and much more. The game will arrive next year in the summer.

The third title of Indie World Showcase comes from Humble Games and Memorable Games with a furry twist, On Your Tail is a game featuring furry characters that have players enjoy a getaway experience on a holiday in an Italian-themed town. There is an added mystery element added as well to keep the game fresh and interesting throughout its Narrative Life Sim game. Players can fish, play games at the arcade, go for a swim and much more, as well as investigate a mysterious masked menace on the loose. On Your Tail will be released for the Nintendo Switch as a timed console exclusive next year.

The fourth title looks like a very interesting one with a unique board-game-like art covering its turn-based element. Howl from astragon Entertainment and Mi’pu’mi Games comes with a folktale story of wolves and transformations where players need to decide their future steps in advance and see how it turns out on the map. The art looks unique and so does the turn-based gameplay, and the game is already available on the Nintendo Switch alongside a demo as well. Players can check it out if they are interested via the Nintendo eShop.

Next in the Indie World Showcase comes a picturesque game named The Star Named EOS by Playism and Silver Lining Studios. With hand-drawn art design and gameplay of taking pictures and solving puzzles, players will be put into a story of a boy who is uncovering the mystery of his mother’s absence. Players will overcome challenges and use their photos in many ways to get through the story. The Star Named EOS will launch for the Nintendo Switch next year in the summer.

There is a very keen interest in packing up a big bag that has all the things anyone would ever need if they find themselves in a dungeon. Backpack Hero brings some nice Inventory management where players manage their backpack which acts as a deck directly affecting their character’s moves in the game. Using items in the backpack to clear out dungeons and bringing back what you’ve gained to rebuild your home village will land you progress in the game, new friends and much more. The game is also out right now from Different Tales and available on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Check it out if it’s to your liking.

A Future Osaka as a Dystopian Cyberpunk World for the Next Sidescroller Indie title brings a story with demons, demon blades, boss fights, time travel and much more. The Indie World Showcase unveils Blade Chimera, a game featuring some pixel bit-art style and a post-apocalyptic story that players can enjoy in the spring of next year as a timed Nintendo Switch console exclusive.

The next game takes to the mountains and nature of Scotland where a unique sidescroller experience awaits players who play A Highland Song. Featuring some great music, a very interesting story and some beautiful artwork design, the Indie title from inkle takes to the wilderness experience for the Narrative Platformer genre. Players can uncover new paths, the story changes based on which route players take, and there is much to check out in A Highland Song. The game will be coming next month to the Nintendo Switch on December 5 and preorders are already live for the game right now on the Nintendo eShop.

Moonstone Island comes with plenty of furry friends to befriend, Islands to explore and decks to build. Players will explore these Islands to progress further and will head out to their home village where they can get cosy and enjoy relaxing to prepare for their next trip. There will be rare items to get, farms to attend to as well, and our home to decorate with many characters to talk to and increase our relationship with in Moonstone Island by Raw Fury. The game will be released next year as a timed console exclusive in the spring.

The next Indie World Showcase game is of a true Mystery and Puzzle Solving genre named Death Trick: Double Blind. Players will work with different stories to uncover clues and solve plotlines to progress further into the game. The game will be available next year on the Nintendo Switch. A demo is also available for the game already for players to try.

The Outer Wilds comes to the Nintendo Switch in the form of the Archaeological Edition where there are many planets to explore in the vast open space experience. Players will unravel new planets and their hidden areas, fly through harsh terrain and much more. The game will come on the Nintendo Switch next month on December 7th. Preorders are already live for the game. Moreover, a physical version of The Outer Wilds: Archaeological Edition will also be coming next year to retail stores.

This sums up most of the Indie World Showcase which led to a few more game reveals. Names of a few more upcoming Indie titles include Planet of Lana, Enjoy the Diner, Heavenly Bodies, The Gecko Gods, Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist, Urban Myth The Dissolution Center and Braid Anniversary Edition. Many titles and they all look very good to add to the Indie games lineup.

For more on Nintendo and all of its first-party, third-party and Indie titles, check out their official website.


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