Until Then, A New-Old Indie Game


Monopoly of major gaming companies, immaculate PR strategies and promotions leave no room for many indie games to even get noticed by the majority of gamers. There have been many good releases in the indie game spectrum lately that are worth checking out. Gamers need to support smaller gaming companies and developers because they deserve a shot as well.

One of those promising new titles is ‘Until Then’.

Until Then

An independent Philippine gaming company called Polychroma Games has developed the game. The most striking and interesting thing about the game is its graphics. The game’s graphics are styled to resemble those of old Game Boy Advance games. The style most gamers from the 90s played on emulators in their younger years. This game will transport gamers to that era. The front-on 2D-ish view of the game while exploring the world adds to the nostalgia. Its click to interact and respond mechanics will bring so many memories.

Apart from the nostalgia, the game’s core strength seems to be its premise and overall feel.

The trailer has released for all the platforms. The demo is available on Steam as well. The game has not yet revealed its full story and premise. But it is easy to understand what the story will be about eventually.

The story revolves around a boy named Mark and his everyday mishaps-filled simple life. Among all these messes, he has good support from his friends who accompany him on various stages of the journey. Despite all these positive feelings, the game already hints that something bad is just around the corner, waiting to happen. It is not clear what the ‘Bad’ really is, might be something to do with the end of the world.

Until Then

All in all, this game hits the mark with its aesthetics, human interaction, story, and last but definitely not least… the nostalgia.

The release date of the game is still anyone’s guess, but the release of the trailer and the demo gives hope. Do check it out!


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