TEKKEN 8 Closed Beta Test – First Impressions and More


TEKKEN 8 is ramping up for its upcoming release in January with a recent Closed Beta Test. I got to test out the Beta, and all I wanted to do was play just one more match.

First Impressions

After getting my redeem code, I set up the BETA to download on my PlayStation 5, all I could do was rethink, research, and remember what to watch for to make clear conclusions about the difference from its predecessor, TEKKEN 7. TEKKEN8 introduces you to create your custom Avatar and places you in their Fight Lounge with fighters from around the world, When I started playing my first few quick matches, I got into fighting bouts with barely any stutters. The servers seem to be working perfectly with some slight hiccups that you wouldn’t even notice after continuous battles. All I can say is that the game ran smoothly, and to my surprise, was quite outstanding. TEKKEN 8 CBT showcased new features such as Avatar Customization, Fight Lounge, Group Matches, and Super Ghost Battles. I am here to explain further about what they are all about.

Avatar Customization

Bandai Namco has put in the effort to make avatar customization fun, entertaining, and creative. Players can uniquely dress their avatars to stand out amongst the crowd. From funky shoes to wild hairstyles and joypads you can walk around with, I saw all kinds of unique creations designed by players around in the fight lounge. Since this feature has its limit in the CBT, you can still customize up to 10 Avatars, that way you can keep trying out different looks depending on your fight mood to keep this feature interesting.

Fight Lounge and Group Matches

Fight Lounge is a place to unwind, shop for Avatar goodies, and chat with fellow fighters or queue up in Ranked and Quick matches. That’s the fun bit, you can roam around while in the queue to connect to your next battle, the only downside I felt is that you can’t randomly walk up to someone to start a match, both players will need to go to the Group Match area, find a pair of open cabinets and then connect. What can be done by walking up to a fighter is to start up a Ghost Battle.

Super Ghost Battles

If you want to right away fight someone, you can match with the player’s Ghost in Super Ghost Battles. Truly Super Ghost Battles has been spectacular as you feel like you are fighting an actual player. The Ghost Fighters adapt according to your attacks and they are not in any form repetitive. This feature is great if you want to practice with a rival’s Ghost. This could aid in some serious training and help players in anticipating their rival’s fighting style. It is one of the most enjoyable and innovative features of the game, and Esports fighters will benefit greatly from Ghost Battling, which will boost their skills and fighting techniques for upcoming tournaments.

TEKKEN 8 Lobby

Realistic Characters and a New Aggressive Heat System

In the numerous TEKKEN 8 trailers released since the game’s announcement back in September 2022, The fighting has showcased redesigned characters, and stages built from the ground up with Unreal Engine 5. It is one of the first major fighting games to utilize Unreal Engine 5’s true power potential in high-end graphic visuals on 4K, 60 fps on supporting platforms. Character models are enhanced with high-fidelity skin, hair, and muscles to try and achieve more realistic character animations. In comparison, TEKKEN 7 was built on Unreal Engine 4, so game fans can expect an overwhelming change in the level of detail on offer as a true next-gen title.

TEKKEN 8 Fight Jin Kazama

A new in-game mechanic, “Heat System” gives players the ability to use aggressive tactics during fast-paced battles. This system will give each character distinctive moves that will reflect their unique personas. Trying it out in the BETA, you can truly see some beautiful cinematics of the characters that shredded massive health from the opponent with spine-busting combos. “Rage Arts” also makes a return to TEKKEN 8, with all the series’ signature moves and show-stopping combos that have captivated players for generations.

A Father and Son Showdown

TEKKEN 8 has been ongoing since the first title launched in the arcades of 1994. It also consequently holds the Guinness World Record for the longest-running video game storyline as a result.

The story continues from where TEKKEN 7 ended, (spoiler alert) when Kazuya kills his father, Heihachi Mishima, and tosses his lifeless body down a volcano. TEKKEN 8’s saga begins with Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima battling it out, father and son, as Kazuya continues with his malicious desire for global domination with the help of the G Corporation to control the world.

One of the biggest revelations was seeing the return of a fan-favourite character, Jin’s mother, Jun Kazama, as a playable character, making a comeback after 13 years since we last saw her in TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2.

Game Editions and Pre-order Prices:

TEKKEN 8 can be pre-ordered and there are 4 Game Editions you can purchase.

  1. TEKKEN 8 – Standard Edition – $70
    • Base Game
  1. TEKKEN 8 – Deluxe Edition (Digital Only) – $100
    • Standard Edition Content
    • Playable Character Year 1 Pass – (4 additional playable characters, avatar skin: Kinjin)
    • Character Costume: Gold Suit Pack (1 Costume per each playable character – 32 total)
  1. TEKKEN 8 – Ultimate Edition (Digital Only) – $110
    • All Deluxe Edition content
    • Avatar costume: Classic TEKKEN t-shirt set (32 designs)
    • Avatar Skins: Kazuya Mishima, Jin Kazama and Jun Kazama
  1. TEKKEN 8 – Premium Collector’s Edition – $300
    • All Ultimate Edition content
    • Figurine + LED + USB port
    • Steel-book case
    • Ring
    • Arcade token
    • Collectible cards (8)
    • Packaging (Rigid box)
    • Branded O-ring
TEKKEN 8 Premium Collector's Edition

TEKKEN 8 seems to be heading in the right direction with next-gen graphics, new gameplay modes, a new Heat System with fresh in-game mechanics, dominating move sets, and new playable characters as well as longstanding characters that have been fan favourites for more than two decades. All of this showcased on Unreal Engine 5 will up the ante for other fighting franchise competitors such as Capcom and NetherRealm Studios.

TEKKEN 8 will be available via Steam on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S when it launches on January 26, 2024, on its 30th anniversary.


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