Sony PlayStation’s Potential Wishlist Of Xbox Exclusives

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Sony and Microsoft keep producing the best games on their platforms individually. There is so much for everyone on both Xbox and PlayStation platforms. But that is the problem for the gamers. They want everything for everyone, and not just so much. Owners of Xbox can play games produced by PlayStation if they have a Microsoft-backed computer or system at home. But for the owners of PlayStation, playing Xbox exclusives still remains a dream.

However, gamers will continue to wish. After all, who wouldn’t love a whole list of the newest games that were previously unavailable on the PlayStation platform? With the newest rumors and hints at Microsoft potentially changing their business model and giving up their exclusive titles for their console, Sony PlayStation fans might have a whole list of games coming to their consoles soon enough.

Sony Wishlist of Xbox Exclusives:

Here is a Wishlist of some of the most popular games Sony fans would like to have.

NOTE: The sequence of the list is purely random.

  • State of Decay 3
  • ARK 2
  • STALKER 2: Heart of Chernobyl
  • OD (A Hideo Kojima Game)

State Of Decay 3

Undead Labs released the series’ first game in 2013 on Xbox 360. It quickly became one of the favorite games for gamers on Xbox and PC. Even though the second edition in the series disappointed many of the fans for not meeting their expectations for the game to elevate in the aspects, the trailer for the third edition looks promising.

Xbox PlayStation
State of Decay 3

The first State Of Decay became gamers’ favorite because of its amazing gameplay mechanics for an open-world zombie apocalypse survival game. The PlayStation users at the time were craving something like this back in 2013 to be available for them. Sadly, it was not to be.

Xbox Exclusives for PlayStation
State of Decay 3

PlayStation users have enjoyed several good open-world zombie apocalypse survival games since 2013. Such as Days Gone and The Last Of Us (technically not an open world). But if State Of Decay 3 is anything like it promises to be, then PlayStation users would definitely wish to play them on their consoles. Not just because it promises to be a good game, but because there are not many PlayStation-exclusive open-world zombie apocalypse games released. But of course, this is still just a dream for the PlayStation owners.

The release of this game is still uncertain. The reports say that it is in development, and it may or may not be released in 2024. Either way, PlayStation users would certainly have it on their wishlist.


Another game on the wishlist of PlayStation users is ARK 2, a follow-up to ARK: Survival Evolved. It is a recent addition to the ARK series. Gamers instantly liked the original game for its survival mechanics, fantasy open-world elements, and overall gameplay, making it a hit. It is developed by Studio Wildcard.

Xbox PlayStation
Vin Diesel

The sequel promises to elevate the experience even further with the addition of Vin Diesel. Known for his roles often centred around family dynamics, Vin Diesel’s presence in the game suggests a similar theme. Judging by the trailer, the game will feature a father-son duo. Reminiscent of the story arc of the 2018 release, GOD OF WAR.

Xbox Exclusive

ARK 2 also appears to maintain the fantastical elements of its predecessor. The full extent of its features is still unknown, though.

Vin Diesel’s last venture into the world of video games was in ‘Fast and Furious Crossroads,’ a title that gamers prefer not to discuss. With his return to gaming, fans, including PlayStation gamers, hope to see their favorite Fast and Furious hero in a better game this time around.

Rumours suggest that the game will release in late 2024.


OD is the famous Hideo Kojami’s venture into Xbox exclusive. After the great success in collaboration with Sony for the hit game ‘Death Stranding’ for PlayStation only, it looks like he has decided to make the users of Xbox happy as well. Hideo is looking for a long game, as he wants to produce games in collaboration with multiple platforms.

Hideo Kojima new Survival Horror Game
OD Game

Although not much is known about the game, reports and discussions in the gaming world suggest that the story and premise will involve fear. Indicating that it could be a psychological thriller. If one looks at the recent game Death Stranding by Hideo Kojima and his studios, the idea of OD being a psychological thriller does not seem far-fetched.

Hideo Kojima new Survival Horror Game
OD Game

Whatever the game may be, any gamer whether they are an Xbox user or they own a PlayStation, all will want to play the game of one of the top-rated game creators of all time. Xbox’s users will argue that PlayStation users are getting another Death Stranding game soon, hence Xbox gamers deserve a Hideo Kojami Xbox exclusive. But PlayStation gamers might not want to agree.

The release date has still not been decided. It was reported that the studio is all hands on deck for the finish and the release of Death Stranding 2. So, the game is technically still in production and the release date is still unknown.


This game seems to be the continuation of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R series by GSC Game World. The first one received great success for its amazing concept of mixing real-world incidents and adding a fantastical element to create a narrative-driven survival story game. The series released its first game back in 2007.

Xbox Exclusives 
Stalker 2 Heart of Chernobyl

The series revolved around one of the most disastrous events in human history, which was the incident at Chernobyl. The game extends the endless speculations and rumors attached to the place. Various storytelling and fantastical elements have heavily utilized the Chernobyl incident as a background. GSC Game World has done the same thing, adding a compelling narrative around the incident.

Without spoiling the story for gamers, the narrative takes place in the city and outskirts of Chernobyl. Anomalies occur around the area, along with mysterious creatures and troubled humans. Players venture in to uncover the source and reasons behind these occurrences while trying to survive.

Stalker 2 Heart of Chernobyl

PlayStation has seen this series grow over the years to be among the top games. Now that GSC Game World is going to release the new addition to the series, they want to experience it too. They want to delve into the world of Chernobyl. The developers have scheduled the game for release in late 2024.

The included games are on the list because of their value, popularity, and the studios/creators attached to them.

It is important to understand that the list is entirely subjective, and gamers around the world can have different tastes and different games on their wish list. However, these games are most probably going to be on everyone’s list.


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