Roblox Balthazar Codes March 2024

Balthazar is a souls-like experience available on Roblox by Team Quasar. The game has round-based melee and ranged fights. As with Souls-like games, parrying is crucial to winning with the parry timing being hard to master as it’s pretty short.  As the game is in Pre-Alpha, it is not as polished as other titles available on the app but it is still fun nonetheless. We have compiled some Balthazar Codes for March 2024 that you can use to gain Aurum and Coins. Aurums is the in-game currency used to buy crates and weapons from the store and Coins are used to buy weapons directly from your inventory. 

How to redeem Balthazar Codes in March 2024?

Redeem Code Text Box Balthazar Roblox

It is pretty easy to redeem the codes as you can enter them as soon as you start the game without having to open additional menus.

  1. After opening Balthazar, click on the small text box on the left side of the screen which says Redeem Code.
  2. Here you just need to enter one of the codes we have listed below and press enter.
  3. You will receive the rewards for the specific code.

Balthazar Codes Benefits

Currently, the codes only provide you with in-game cash, with the codes giving you some amount of each currency which you can spend in the store or your inventory depending on the type.

Roblox Balthazar Codes March 2024

  1. FixPing – A$50 and 500 Coins
  2. Pre-alpha – A$100 and 1000 Coins

Both codes are working as of publishing, if any code doesn’t work then please comment below. While there are only two codes available right now for the game, both are helpful as they can give you a headstart in the start by rewarding you enough money to get a good weapon.

As the developer releases new codes or one of these stops working then we will update the article accordingly.

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