Pokemon GO Mega Community Day Event Arriving Next Month

Pokemon GO Community Day December

This year is looking to end in a true spectacle for Pokemon GO as the newest information from Niantic is a concluding and complete Community Day Event for two whole days bringing many of the previous two years’ Community Day Pokemon back to end 2023.

The Community Day Event will come for two whole days, December 16th and 17th. Both days will have the same time from 2 PM to 5 PM as usual, only with many different varieties of Pokemon all having huge spawn rates in the game. Each day will have a variety of Pokemon coming together and spawning in ample like a proper community day, only it won’t be just one single Pokemon as usual. Here’s all players need to know.

Pokemon GO Mega Community Day Spawns:

December 16th:

The first day of the December Community Day will bring 6 different varieties of Pokemon from previous Community Days which are the following:

  • Slowpoke
  • Galarian Slowpoke
  • Togetic
  • Chespin
  • Fennikin
  • Noibat

These Pokemon along will be spawning for three whole hours of the event, coming alongside their shiny forms to lucky players. As with every community day, their evolutionary forms will also get special moves if players get them to evolve during the specified time.

Special Evolution Moves:

December 17:

There are just too many Pokemon to consider spawning at once at just one time which is why for the second day, a different set of Pokemon will be coming to give room to players to catch them all without too much hindrance or annoyance. There will be 7 total Pokemon spawning on the second day which are the following:

  • Poliwag
  • Wooper
  • Paldean Wooper
  • Timburr
  • Axew
  • Froakie
  • Grubbin

All of these also have their shiny forms added and will be available to lucky players who can encounter and catch them.

This is the only difference between the two days, the rest of everything such as special spawns, bonuses and more will be active throughout the two days.

Special 10 Minute Spawns:

Alongside the six and seven normal mentioned Community Day Pokemon, there will be five special spawns which will come for the last ten minutes of every hour between 2 PM to 5 PM. This means from 2:50 to 3:00, from 3:50 to 4:00 and from 4:50 to 5:00 the following Pokemon will be available to Lucky players:

  • Charmander
  • Squirtle
  • Mareep
  • Swinub
  • Larvitar

All of these will have their shiny forms available as well, so players will need to prepare and make the most out of their ten-minute window each hour of the event for the two days. In total, these Special 10-minute spawns will spawn for a full half an hour each day, so an hour for the whole event over the two days.

This is perfect for Pokemon GO players who missed out on any Pokemon previously on days of their own events. As there is a whole variety of Pokemon to catch, players will surely get great rewards and some great Pokemon if they can make time for the two upcoming event days. There are Kanto starters from Gen 1, there are great Gen 2 Pokemon as well such as Larvitar and Swinub as well as Mareep, Wooper and more. Slowpoke and Wooper will come with their alternate forms as well which have different looks and different types, even different evolutions. Poliwag also is a great option to catch as it also has two different final evolution forms.

Community Day Raids:

Raids will also bring a different variety of Pokemon that will be separate from the normal spawns so give even more variety to players for the two Community Day event days. Because the event is for the first-stage Pokemon, 1 Star Raids will feature a variety of Pokemon that came in previous Community Days in the last 2 years. The whole list is given below for 1 Star Raid Pokemon, with Pokemon hatched from 2km eggs being the same as well:

  • Sandshrew
  • Alolan Sandshrew
  • Alolan Geodude
  • Hoppip
  • Teddiursa
  • Galarian Zigzagoon
  • Spheal
  • Starly
  • Roggenrola
  • Litwick
  • Deino
  • Stufful

This is a huge lineup of raid Pokemon and each one will have their shiny form available as well to lucky players that can encounter one after joining and defeating it.

Special Eggs:

The Pokemon hatching from 2km Eggs gained during the event will have the same Pokemon that are in 1 Star Raids mentioned above. Shiny forms will also be up for grabs.

Pokemon GO Eggs

Event Bonuses:

With so many different Pokemon, there need to be many bonuses as well right? That’s exactly the case for the upcoming event as Pokemon GO’s December Community Day will have a total of 9 different bonuses active throughout the three hours of the timeline. Two of the three will also be active for a longer duration.

The following are the bonuses:

  1. Players will get double XP from catching Pokemon during the three hours on both days.
  2. Players will also get double the candy from catching Pokemon during the same duration.
  3. Stardust will also be doubled from catching Pokemon.
  4. The chance for XL Candy to drop will be doubled as well.
  5. Hatch Distance will be cut by half for any eggs incubated during the event.
  6. Lures will last for three hours instead of the usual one.
  7. Incense, aside from the Daily Incense, will also last for three hours instead of the usual one.
  8. Players will be able to make an extra Special Trade hence two Special Trades per day on each day of the Pokemon GO Community Day event. This bonus will be active from 9 AM to 9 PM on the event days.
  9. Trades during the event will require half the normal stardust cost. This event bonus will last longer than three hours as well from 9 AM to 9 PM on both days.

So basically almost everything is getting a bonus; finding Pokemon, catching Pokemon, trading Pokemon, hatching Pokemon and more. This is an enormous window that rivals GO Fest bonuses so it is the perfect time for players to give the game a go.

Special Research:

There will be Special Timed Research that will award players with items needed to evolve event Pokemon such as Magnetic Lure, King’s Rock and more goodies.

Field Research will also be present that will give players more encounters with Pokemon that appeared in previous Community Days.

Special Evolution Community Day Moves:

December 16’s Evolutions:

For Slowpoke and Galarian Slowpoke, their evolutionary forms Slowbro and Slowking for both their different normal and Galarian forms will have the special Charged Attack Surf if players evolve their Slowpokes during the event. The move is a strong Water-type attack that will work well in Raids as well as in Battles.

Togetic/Togepi if evolved into its final evolutionary form, Togekiss, will have the Charged Move Aura Sphere. This is an immensely strong Fighting-type attack with great usage in PVP battles as well as in Raids.

Chespin if evolved into its final form Chesnaught will learn the Charged Grass Type Move Frenzy Plant. This is the strongest Grass Type move which will compliment the Grass starter well and is an excellent move to have.

Delphox, Fennikin’s final evolution, will similarly learn the strongest Fire-type Move Blast Burn for its charged attack. It is very powerful and perfect for a Fire-type Pokemon to know and use.

Noibat evolves into Noivern, a very powerful evolution. Whoever evolves Noibat into Noivern during the event will have it learn the normal type move Boom Burst as a charged attack. This is one of the most powerful normal-type moves in Pokemon Go and compliments Noivern and its background well.

December 17’s Evolutions:

For the second day’s Pokemon and their evolutions, Poliwag will come with two different moves as it has two different final evolutions. Politoed will learn the charged attack Ice Beam if players evolve their Poliwag to Poliwhirl and then to Politoed by using a King’s Rock Item instead of the other usual final evolution. This will be useful to players looking for a Pokemon that packs a good wallop as Politoed has great defense and good attack power. For those that evolve their Poliwhirl into Poliwrath, the Water/Fighting-type Pokemon will get to learn the Fast Attack Counter. This will be buffed up by Poliwrath’s own type as well so it will be perfect for PVP and Raids. Poliwag also is a beloved Gen 1 Pokemon to this day, and players will want to catch plenty of them so they can gather enough candy to get both evolutions and teach them moves.

For Wooper, evolving one to Quagsire will give players the charged attack Aqua Tail. This will complement the Water/Ground type of the final evolution well. Similarly for Galarian Wooper, evolving one into Clodsire will teach it the charged bug-type move Megahorn. It packs a punch and is a worthy move to teach Clodsire.

Pokemon GO Wooper Community Day

For Timburr, its final evolution Conkeldurr will know the Dark type move Brutal Swing if players gather enough candy and evolve it.

Axew is a strong Dragon-type Pokemon and its final evolution will learn the charged move Breaking Swipe which is really strong and also has the added effect of lowering the opponent Pokemon’s Attack stat. Haxorus with Breaking Swipe will have a bonus to its power because it is also a dragon type so dealing more damage and lowering the opponent Pokemon’s Attack will be a strong tactic for PVP.

Froakie is a fan favourite and its final Evolution will learn the stronger Water Type Move, Hydro Cannon. Greninja also has its signature fast-move Water Shuriken which is very fast and the two will complement each other well. Many players who are still missing a Greninja or a shiny Greninja will have a chance again this time to get one next month.

Vikavolt, Grubbin’s final evolution will learn the Fast Electric-type Attack Volt Switch if players can get it to evolve from a Charjabug that is close to a Magnetic Lure. Charjabug will also learn the same move if players wish to keep it as that. The whole Grubbin Electric Evolutionary line is strong and worth having in a trainer’s roster so Pokemon GO players won’t want to miss out on getting one if they don’t have it already.

Special spawns Evolutions:

For the special 10-minute spawns lineup, Charmander evolving into a Charizard from Charmeleon will learn two different attacks together, a fast attack and a charged attack. The fast attack will be Dragonbreath, a strong dragon-type move and the charged attack will be the strongest fire-type move Blast Burn. This will set Charizard well with a strong roster of moves. Charizard is also one of the most popular Pokemon if not the most popular Pokemon, so players will want to get one just because they can. For the rare people who have played Pokemon GO but still haven’t got a Charizard, this is a good chance to try getting one.

Players that can get Squirtle to reach its final evolution Blastoise will have it learn Hydro Cannon as its charged attack. The Pokemon is bulky and very strong, and the strongest Water Type Attack for the first Gen 1 Water Starter is a good choice.

Players who get their Mareep to evolve into the final evolution Ampharos will have it learn a Dragon-type Charged Attack Dragon Pulse. It is powerful and very useful in battles and raids.

Community Day Classic Mareep

Swinub’s final evolution Mamoswine will learn the Charged Move Ancient Power which is a powerful Rock-type move to have if players will get it to its final form.

Larvitar, another fan favourite with its final evolution Tyranitar will learn a fast rock-type move Smack Down if players can evolve it to the final form. It is strong and with the Mega Tyranatar also available in the game, players won’t want to miss out on getting it if they don’t have one already.

Raid and Egg Pokemon:

For Sandshrew, evolving it to Sandslash will have it learn the Dark-type move Night Slash for its Charged Attack. Alolan Sandshrew evolved into Alolan Sandslash during the event will know the Fast Attack Shadow Claw.

Alolan Geodude evolved into its final Alolan Golem form and will learn the Fast Rock-type attack Rollout. This fits well for its own type and will be a suitable choice.

Jumpluff, Hoppip’s final evolution will learn the charged Flying-type Attack Acrobatics for its Community Day Move.

Teddiursa is special as its newest final evolution was just added to the game a little while ago. Ursaluna was exclusive to Hisui and hence to Pokemon Legends Arceus before this, so it is a very popular and wanted Pokemon by fans and players. Players can get Ursaluna by first evolving Teddiursa to Ursaring, and then evolving Ursaring during the mentioned full moon time. This time is from December 16th at 2 PM, the start of the Community Day event, till 6 AM the following day, and then again from 2 PM on the second day till 9 PM night. Players will have an exclusive chance to get Ursaring in Pokemon GO if they don’t have one already, so if you’re a player, don’t miss out on Teddiursa Raids and gathering enough candy to have it evolve into Ursaluna.

Galarian Zigzagoon comes with a special final Evolution that is exclusive to the Galar Region. Obstagoon will learn the charged Dark-type attack Obstruct if players can get one by evolving Galarian Zigzagoon to Galarian Linoone and then to Obstagoon. The final evolution is a powerful Dark-type Pokemon and will have a very strong Dark-type move if players want one for their Pokemon Battle Party.

Players that evolve Spheal to its final Walrein evolution will get it to learn new fast and charged attacks. The Fast Attack will be the Ice-type Powder Snow while the Charged Attack will be the Ice-type Icicle Spear. This is very strong and complements Walrein as an Ice/Water type so it will be perfect for players looking for a strong Ice-type Pokemon to add to their roster or collection.

Players that get Starly to reach its final Staraptor evolution will have it learn the fast Flying-Type Attack Gust.

Roggenrola’s final evolution, Gigalith’s Community Day Move will be the Rock-type Charged Attack Meteor Beam. This is very strong and is the same type as Gigalith itself, so it will pack even more power.

Litwick’s final evolution is Chandelure which will learn the Ghost-type Charged Attack Poltergeist for its Community Day Move. It will be perfect and powerful for the Ghost-type Pokemon.

Deino will evolve into its final form Hydreigon, the multi-headed dragon which is a powerful Dragon and Dark Type. Its Community Day move will be the Charged Attack Brutal Swing if players can get one by evolving Deino into its first stage Pokemon Zweilous and then to Hydreigon.

Stufful if evolved during the event to Bewear will have it learn the Charged Attack Drain Punch.

Quite the lineup of so many different kinds of Pokemon all coming in a single event. This Community Day looks to be as big as a whole Pokemon GO Fest, with plenty of variety and rewards for all players as an enticement to play the game.

Stickers and Showcases:

Stickers for event-themed Pokemon will make a return along with all the Showcases that came in previous Community Days and their Pokemon. There is plenty to enjoy for all.

This event comes later to start the new season of Pokemon GO which itself is bringing new content to Pokemon GO such as brand new Hisuian Pokemon, new events, new rewards and more. Niantic looks to have intentionally done so to show that they will not stop with the constant flow of new stuff to the popular mobile game. This is good news for fans who are avid players of Pokemon GO as what Niantic has shown is looking great, with this event especially rewarding.

Check out the official website for Pokemon GO to learn more. Pokemon GO is looking strong entering the holiday season and the new year. Don’t forget the Hisuian Samurott Pokemon GO debut this Sunday either.


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