Insomniac Wolverine Hacked Footage

Insomniac Wolverine

Insomniac Games has been under attack since last year by ransomware hackers, resulting in various leaks including information about Insomniac’s future titles, Spider-Man 2 PC port info, possible release years, and obviously about Wolverine. This new leak is a deeper sneak peek into the world of the Wolverine game.

[It is important to mention that, as tempting as it may be, the article abides by moral and ethical considerations. Therefore, it will only narrate what is in the current leak without showing or directing towards the source. However, if one wishes to do so, they can search for the link online, as it is already out there somewhere.]

It is important to also mention here that the description of what is in the leaked footage is based solely on the unreleased game’s leaked footage, which means it can be subject to change or completely scrapped altogether. Therefore, it is essential to read the description while keeping this in mind.

The new leaks show snippets of a gameplay trailer, Wolverine suit designs, a female sidekick, enemies, and possible locations as well.

Wolverine Ingame Locations:

The leaked footage starts with Wolverine hunting down enemies in a rainforest, reminiscent of the setting seen in the introduction of Kraven the Hunter in Insomniac’s Marvel Spider-Man 2. It appears that Insomniac has worked diligently on the atmospheric aspect of the game, as evidenced by the detailed forest environment.

Locations showcased in the leaked footage indicate a diverse environment, suggesting that the game world will offer opportunities to explore various places. According to reports, the game will not be fully open-world. Instead, it is speculated to be structured similarly to God of War, featuring an open-world design with some limitations.

Insomniac Wolverine

One of the notable locations is a bar area where Logan is sitting and relaxing after what appears to be a brutal brawl within the same establishment. The leaked footage suggests that there will indeed be a brawl in this location, although the enemies seem different from those shown in the trailer. It’s possible that the bar scene in the official teaser trailer may have been edited to conceal certain key details that the studio intends to reveal at launch.

The type of enemies shown in the footage points to a very specific culture and place. Due to the nature of the leak, the article is trying to shy away from revealing too much about that at the moment. Let’s just say, the location and the enemies resemble that of the 2013 movie ‘The Wolverine’.

Combat and Stealth Mechanics:

The thing that stands out the most is the combat mechanics. Insomniac is known for its controlled violence and combat, which is evident in all three recent Spider-Man games and the rest of its games as well. Combat in previous Insomniac games is brutal, but there is almost minimal to no blood. However, according to the leaked footage, it looks like Insomniac is holding no punches here, quite literally. In the leaked footage, Wolverine is seen slashing, cutting limbs apart, clawing body parts including the head, and executing combinations in the most brutal and gruesome ways. It almost seems impossible that a company like Insomniac would go that far, but it looks like they have indeed. It had already been reported that the game would be M-rated, and looking at the leaked footage, rating this game as ‘M’ would be an understatement.

The stealth mechanics look promising as well. It includes scouting for enemies from elevations such as trees, poles, and possibly buildings. This type of mechanic resembles the stealth mechanics in the Spider-Man series a lot. It almost seems that they have lifted the mechanics, tweaked them a bit, and added them to this game. It is not a bad thing to do to lift the best working mechanics in different titles/franchises.

Insomniac Wolverine

Logan seems to be picking up the heartbeats of the enemies along with their scents, as shown in the leaked trailer. In one scene from the footage, Wolverine appears to be sniffing or tracking the scents of the enemies and their footprints, which looks very similar to the tracking mechanics of Red Dead Redemption II.

Costume and Appearance:

As the reveal trailer already indicated, Logan will be in civilian clothes in some part(s) of the game, but the leaked footage and previous leaks revealed that Logan will certainly be donning the famous yellow X-Men suit. However, upon viewing the leaked footage multiple times, it is clear that the suit does not have an X-Men logo or mark anywhere on it. Since the leaked footage also serves as a sort of trailer, the absence of the logo on his suit could be the creators’ way of concealing elements of the story. It has already been reported that the game is in some way connected to the Insomniac X-Men storyline; some leaks and reports even refer to it as a trilogy.

Insomniac Wolverine

One major difference between the Wolverine/Logan of the official Reveal trailer and the Wolverine/Logan in the leaked footage is the claws. The claws in the leaked footage look and feel like those of the character in the very beginning of his origin story, resembling the large claws of an animal. In contrast, in the official reveal trailer, the claws appear to be made of what seems to be Adamantium (the metal alloy injected into his body as part of an experiment in his story). If the leaked footage is indeed from the studio, then surely the creators would have their reasons for depicting both versions of the claws.

So, there it is. This is all the article could reveal about the leaked footage. It is certain that fans of the character around the world would be eager for more information about the game. It is understandable, but it is very important to acknowledge the hard work the studio and game developers put into their game. The games should be viewed in the way that the creators intend. The article has purposefully left out some key revelations about the game in this regard.

All in all, if the game plays out as shown in the leaked footage after its release, then the fans should be happy. It’s going to be one hell of a game!

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