Golden Sun GBA Titles Coming to Nintendo Switch Online Plus

Golden Sun

Nintendo has just announced the newest Game Boy Advance titles coming to the Nintendo Switch Online Plus Expansion Pack in just a few days on January 17th for the Nintendo Switch, both of which are famed Fantasy RPG titles of the GBA, Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

The Two games are considered one of the best games of the era of the Game Boy Advance, with both games holding many fans that consider them classics for their turn-based RPG gameplay and old sprite/3D design.

Both of the games also had some compatibility with each other that rewarded players who completed the first game and allowed them to take on their items from the first title on to the next, it will be intriguing to check if the same functionality would be doable on Nintendo Switch Online Plus.

It is however commendable that so many GBA titles are coming to the Online Plus membership as many favourite games of the GBA are now playable on the switch, something that fans wanted for a very long time. Although a few are still not available like the Pokemon games, the rest of many Nintendo first-party games are playable to all that own a Switch and have subscribed to the Online Plus membership. It’s not just GBA titles, but many others available as well from Nintendo64, GameBoy and SNES, only adding more incentive to Nintendo’s online game plan.

Golden Sun and Golden Sun The Lost Age

Going into the new year and what appears to be full of rumours about the Nintendo Switch Successor, Nintendo seems not to slow down when it comes to retro content for Nintendo Switch Online Plus so it would appear that the same case would be throughout the year. The Online membership will carry on its services for people who choose to keep themselves subscribed for the time being. It isn’t known or confirmed yet what the future of the current Nintendo Switch Online will be once the successor console arrives, but this would be a good hint to take that it will last for at least a full year so those who did purchase it would not have their money wasted.

There is also a third Golden Sun game that was released for the Nintendo DS, so that will still have to wait to come to an online subscription in the future if Nintendo DS titles do come at all similar to the current lineup of games from older Nintendo consoles.

Who knows, maybe Nintendo’s newer console would have merged the current form with a new one just to make it easier for users to jump on to the next-gen. However, only actual news will confirm anything and time will tell.

For those who are interested in the Nintendo Switch Online or Nintendo Switch Online Plus Expansion Pack, check out the official webpage where they have everything listed on what subscribing users will get. Nintendo Switch Online is considered a worthy subscription by Nintendo fans as the amount of content given for the amount of money needed to stay subscribed is abundant, with Nintendo also stating the high success of their online subscription model with more than 36 million paid users back in 2022.


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