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Spider-Man 2: Prowler Stashes Guide

The Prowler Stashes side activity in Spider-Man 2 is accessible after the Not on My Watch main mission, as in the next main storyline mission, ‘Amends’, Uncle Aaron calls Miles to meet with him and aside from guiding him regarding Martin Li like a father figure, he reveals that he needs Miles help to get some off his old tech off the street. He only trusts Miles with this task and can not do this himself since he is on parole and has officially retired from his life as the Prowler. You will get the first Prowler Stash during this mission as Uncle Aaron guides you. There are a total of ten prowler stashes (including the one we did during the amends mission) and each Prowler Stash rewards you with 300XP and three Rare Tech parts.

Prowler Stash – 1

2. Williamsburg Prowler Stash:

You’ll have to scan the vent doors in the middle of the building to access the L2 R2 mini-game. Stand on the right side to pull the vent door open. There will be a big gear inside which you should web up after pulling. Another gate will open revealing a second gear to which you should do the same. The prowler stash will open up right between the two gears.

3. Downtown Brooklyn Prowler Stash:

Head to the lower roof and scan the metal black pipe that is attached horizontally to the side of a building on the roof to allow the L2 R2 mini-game to pop up. Jump on top of the roof above and you’ll be able to pull the pipe up from its ledge which will reveal another shut metal door that you will have to pull by standing on top of the billboard in front of it.

4. Little Odessa Prowler Stash:

Go towards the containers right in the middle and scan them. Now, look towards your right and you’ll see some containers stacked beside the building. Stand on them and you’ll be able to pull a gear which will remove the container blocking the stash. Just open the container with L1 R1 and the puzzle will be solved.

5. Downtown Queens Prowler Stash:

Scan the air vents on the left of the building and the L2 + R2 mini-game will, open. There’s a white antenna with a pole sticking out of it in front of the vent from which you’ll be able to pull the vents up. Just like the Midtown stash, this stash is also protected by lasers. First, you’ll have to go from the right side and pull a switch down to switch the laser position and allow you to travel to the left side.

6. Astoria Prowler Stash:

Scan the vent door right in the middle of the multiple roofs, use your visor to help as it may be difficult to find it due to the size of the roofs. Perform the L2 and R2 mini-game and jump on top of the black pipe to the left of the gate and pull it with L1 and R1. 4 circuit boxes will be revealed and you will have to use chain lightning on all of these within a set timer. The first one is right beside the door and the second is just above it on the upper roof. The third is on a higher roof on the side of a cement structure. Following this pattern, the fourth one is hidden on the highest roof.

7. Midtown Prowler Stash:

Scan the logo of the Braxton building after which you’ll have to hold L2 and R2 for the mini-game. Now, jump on the American flag to the left of it and pull the logo towards you by holding L1 and R1. A small vent will open up inside which you will have to crawl between lasers. Just take your time and it’ll be pretty easy to cross them.

8. Greenwich Prowler Stash:

Scan the big vent-like shutter, and then hold L2 and R2 in the correct position. Head upwards and pull the door up with L1 and R1. After that, you will have to power up the 4 generators connected to the shutter with your venom punch.

9. Hell’s Kitchen Prowler Stash:

Scan the black pipe on top of the roof and jump to the billboard beside it to pull the pipe. This will open a steel gate under it, which was hiding a generator. Use the Venom Punch on it to start it follow the wiring to another generator on the roof below, and charge it. The wire connected to this generator is broken at some parts and you’ll have to web it to allow it to transfer power. After using webs to fix it 5 times, the door to the prowler stash will open.

10. Harlem Prowler Stash:

Completing all these prowler stashes will reveal the final prowler stash in Harlem, right where Miles first met Uncle Aaron in Spider-Man 2. Scan the metal pipe attached horizontally to the building and pull it towards yourself, opening a steel door. Inside, you’ll find blueprints to Miles’s apartment building which worries Miles as he thinks that his uncle is planning a heist there. After going back to his apartment, Miles finds his dad’s record player missing which to him confirms his suspicions. He confronts Uncle Aaron and it’s revealed that Miles’s mom helped Uncle Aaron move into the same apartment building they live in so that he is close to his family. You will earn 2000 XP and 8 Rare Tech Tokens for this specific stash.

Insomniac made good use of the Dualsense during these missions as the L2 + R2 minigame was really fun too because of the adaptive triggers and haptics. It was also a nice end to the Prowler’s legacy especially because we got some tidbits about the Prowler’s past and Jefferson Davis’s while completing the Prowler Stashes. If you want to know, what suit tech upgrades, you should use these Rare Tech Tokens with, then check out our guide: Spider-Man 2: Best Suit Tech Upgrades (esportsnext.com)


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