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Palworld Gets Steam’s Highest Concurrent Player Count in History


Palworld has right now shattered a Steam record of holding the highest number of concurrent players in the history of the platform. The game has reached massive success ever since its Early Access release on January 19th, and now holds the top stop on Steam Charts with more than 1.1 million concurrent users. PubG is known to have more than this, but since it turned Free to Play later on, its name is struck off from the Steam list.

The record was previously held by CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 which is now number 2. This is a massive record and Palworld seems like it is now 2024’s sleeper hit that came out of nowhere. Developer Pocket Pair have amassed the biggest Early Access following for the game in the History of Steam for any paid game. The game has already sold 3 million units in 40 hours and still rising in numbers.

The news was shared on Steam and via the game’s official Twitter Page:

The record is one that ignores Xbox consoles and only takes in Steam stats, which only adds more to how successful the game’s release has been, and it is not even the official release of the game as it is still Early Access, with many more changes and additions and more content coming ahead.

It has been a surprise for everyone, including the developers themselves who have had server outages as they did not expect such high numbers for the game themselves. The team has been regularly sharing news and fixes for online servers to hold the peak user numbers that the game has been reaching on the same Twitter page whose Tweet is linked above.

The Survival genre mixed with Creature Collecting in the form of Palworld has thus proved that it is one of the most sought genres in the gaming industry, and Pocket Pair has nailed it when it comes to this. The newest title is called “Pokemon with Guns” where many creatures known as Pals inhabit the open world that acts as a Survival game with Pals coming into battle, helping and assisting players in many ways and progressing ahead in the game. It’s not simply a creature collecting aspect to the gameplay, as Pals come in various shapes and sizes and have many different uses as partners, some enabling players to ride them on the ground and in the air, while others even becoming ammo for missile launchers, flamethrowers and other weaponised animals that gives the game a sense of whacky fun as compared to Pokemon.


The game holds a harmonious Soundtrack, and unique gameplay featuring catching and collecting Pals mixed in with Action through the use of weapons and Pals as well as a full Survival aspect of exploring, collecting, building and more. Players are also commending the graphics and Pal designs, although a bit controversial right now, have received positive receptions for being cute dangerous and cool all at the same time.

Check out the game’s official Website for more on what gaming experience Palworld provides.


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