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Origin Form Palkia and Dialga Joining Pokemon GO Sinnoh Tour


This year’s upcoming Pokemon GO Sinnoh Tour has just announced big news with Origin Form Palkia and Dialga from Pokemon Legends Arceus making their way into Pokemon GO with some brand new gameplay mechanics called Adventure Effects that directly add more incentive to many rewards.

The newest additions to Pokemon GO in the upcoming Pokemon GO Tour Sinnoh will hold Origin Form Palkia and Dialga who each will have a special move, the same one that they are known for in Pokemon Legends Arceus. For Pokemon GO, however, they have will alternate effects that would benefit players who use it. These benefits will come as the newest Adventure effects, and these include many different kinds such as increasing Pokemon encounter distance, prolonging items and more.

Both Origin Form Pokemon will be available in 5 Star Raid Battles once the Tour starts. All players will be able to participate in raids to catch these, however, only those who have purchased tickets for Pokemon GO Tour Sinnoh or Tour Sinnoh Global will be able to get them with their signature moves that reward players with Adventure effects, so it will be an exclusive perc on their debut. Also, both Origin Form Pokemon will have their shiny forms available but only to those that have purchased the Sinnoh Tour or Tour Global Ticket and participate through it.

Origin Form Pokemon at Sinnoh Tour

Origin Form Palkia:

Palkia will come in Origin Form knowing the move Spacial Rend, similar to how it is the Spacial Pokemon. This move will be available to use for its Adventure effects by having players use 5000 Stardust and 5 Palkia Energy. By doing this, they will increase the distance they will encounter Pokemon in the game. This is usable and adds up to an effect that can last a whole 24 hours if players have enough candy and Stardust. Only one Adventure Effect can be active at one time, so when they activate this one, the other Dialga Origin Form’s Effect will not be usable, the same vice versa.

This is not all, as this Charged Attack is super powerful as well and perfect for use in both raids and battles. Spacial Rend will have a Power of 90 in Trainer Battles and 160 in Raids and Gyms, so it will be very useful even if players don’t want to use it for its Adventure Effect.

Origin Form Dialga:

Origin Form Dialga, the Time Pokemon, will also be available in 5 Star raids and those that defeat it will be able to encounter one that would know the Charged Attack Roar of Time. This is Dialga’s Adventure effect that if used for 5000 Stardust and 5 Dialga candy, players will unlock a 6-minute lapse where their items such as Lucky Eggs, Incense and Starpieces will all stop their countdown timer. Similar to Palkia, this will also be added up via 6-minute intervals up to a full 24 hours, so players would be able to use a variety of items for the whole day even if they use each just once.

Dialga’s special signature attack, Roar Of Time comes with a whopping 150 Power in Trainer Battles and for Gyms and Raids it will be 160.

The case of these is similar yet unique and a new mechanic coming to Pokemon GO, to players would certainly want to get it. This just makes the Pokemon GO Tour Sinnoh more enticing to players as it slowly arrives in a little more than a month.

The location for Pokemon GO Tour Sinnoh this time has been chosen as Los Angeles and players who live or can visit the city can opt in for live gameplay that includes much more than just Pokemon GO offers, such as live events, booths, and more at the chosen venue. As the name states, Sinnoh will be the place hence Gen 4’s Pokemon coming in all ways such as normal encounters, eggs, raids and more, so those that are big fans of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl or Legends Arceus, would certainly want to participate.

For those who can’t visit the city because they are too far away from it, the Global Tour will also be available through which players will unlock almost all the perks of the Sinnoh Tour. There will be special Sinnoh baby Pokemon hatching from eggs like Munchlax, Mantyke, Riolu and more, Unowns S, I, N, O, H and U, Pikachu coming with Dawn and Lucas hats, Akari’s handkerchief and Rei’s Cap and all other kinds of Pokemon found in the Sinnoh region alongside many bonuses.

The Ticket for the Live Event is still available for those who want to join the big event on February 17th and 18th later next month.

This will be 2024’s first big Pokemon GO event and it’s already looking to include many new perks and enticing rewards for players.

Check out the Pokemon GO official website for more on the upcoming Tour as well as many other events coming ahead. For those that want something for this weekend, Hisuian Typhlosion is coming this Sunday as the Raid Day Pokemon to the game, and more events ahead afterwards.


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