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Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 is Here


Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 is out. Here is all the details you need to know regarding all new weapons, maps, game modes, operators, and more.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Season 1

Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 is Live

As of December 6, Season 1 will go live for Call of Duty operators to enjoy Multiplayer further. With the addition of new maps, killstreaks, weapons, and operators, you will have a return to an infamous multiplayer mode. Other new multiplayer modes are launching mid-season, including holiday-themed game modes and a Christmas special event. Call of Duty Zombies also gets a new Story act to keep it fresh and interesting. The much-anticipated Map of Urzikstan also goes live on Warzone with Ashika Island and Vondel still around for players to dive back in. Urzikstan is a completely new experience for players, and it comes with a redesigned new Gulag for those intense 1v1 battles for survival.  A few changes to the game dynamics have also been changed and improved. Players can expect a lot this first season which starts Call of Duty’s Multiplayer experience on a high note.

All New Maps

This season drops with an addition of four new multiplayer maps, three of them are brand-new 6v6 maps and one of them is a 2v2 map. As mentioned above, the infamous multiplayer mode is none other than Gunfight. It launches with a new Training Facility map and four other returning Gunfight arenas. The three 6v6 Maps are mentioned as follows:

Meat (6V6)

This compact map is based on the East Bay Meats Slaughterhouse. Perfect for fast-paced closed-quarter battles. The 24/7 game map is currently live if players want to stack kills for faster upgrades.

Greece (6V6)

This is a medium-sized map of a coastal town set in Greece. There is a city centre with narrow alleys and canals to navigate around as well.

Rio (6V6)

This small to medium-sized map reminds us of Favela from Modern Warfare 2 (old gen) as it is based in Rio de Janeiro. With a vibrant shopping centre and, lively decorated narrow streets, it caters to all different kinds of gameplay strategies.

Training Facility (2V2)

An old warehouse that happens to be one of Konni Group’s training facilities. There are two floors, and the map has plenty of locations for ambushing with angled shots throughout.

New Multiplayer Game Modes with one Solid Return

Gunfight is back! With no respawns and a random selection of load-outs assigned at the start of the round, two teams of two will go head-to-head till the last man stands. The first team to win six rounds wins. This game is especially fresh for those who stick to a monotonous set of load-outs during their matches. They will have to adapt and change their playstyle with different types of weaponry. After every two rounds, players will be assigned a completely different set of weapons and equipment. Camping and ambushing won’t be effective here as rounds are short, lasting for only 40 seconds.

Team Gunfight

Gunfight but with 6v6 played on standard Multiplayer maps. The rest of all Gunfight rules apply.

All or nothing (at Launch)

This game mode is quite interesting. Players will have their weapons but no ammo. To get ammo, players will need to eliminate other players by throwing knives to activate the Scavenger Perk, allowing them to retrieve ammo for their weapon. The first player to eliminate 20 players wins.


This game mode is a bit unnatural, to say the least. In a free-for-all mode, one player will be the lucky one to possess the infamous zombie wonder weapon, the one-shot Ray Gun. Whoever takes that weapon wielder down will be the new owner of this deadly pistol. This game mode takes place in 3 different maps, Satan’s Quarry, Sporeyard, and Tetanus.

CODMAS: Santa’s Slayground (LTM, Mid-Season)

A special Christmas event that will start on December 20th, there will be event challenges that players can earn rewards. Not much is mentioned yet besides holiday-themed maps such as Shipmas and Hangover will be back for a limited time.


Among all players, one will be chosen at random to be infected at the start. That zombie’s goal will be to eliminate other operators who still possess a soul. The surviving operators win.


Headquarters is back. It has some similarities to Hardpoint as you hold a position, the catch is the defending team gets no respawns. Just like in Hardpoint, the Headquarters location keeps moving around the map.

New Weapons, Operators, and More

RAM-7 (Assault Rifle)

A compact Bullpup assault rifle. Chambered in 5.56, this rifle is in a polymer frame making it lightweight and effective in mid-size maps. Unlockable at Sector A7 of Season 1 Battle Pass.

XRK Stalker (Sniper Rifle)

Chambered in .50 cal, this tactical sniper looks sleek and packs a massive punch at the same time. Unlockable at Sector A4 of Season 1 Battle Pass.

Stormender (Launcher)

This state-of-the-art weapon launches an EMP with a slight delay. It destroys tactical and lethal equipment and temporarily disables other electronic devices.


Abolisher BlackCell (SpecGru)

Dokkaebi (KorTac) and Nolan (KorTac)

New Equipment: Assassin Vest

Equipment Slots (2): Tactical, Lethal (Field Upgrade removed)

Gear Slots (3): Gloves, Boots, Gear

With this Vest on, Kills will not display skulls to enemy players. Players will be immune to UAV and enemy radar. Duplicate effects do not stack. If players equip the Assassin Vest with Ghost T/V Camo, (Gear), they will gain the effects of Hijacked IFF Strobe (Gear) making players undetectable by AI targeting system and thermal optics. The Assassin Vest is perfect for knife wielders and stealth players as enemies will find it difficult to track them down.

New Killstreaks:

EMP (unlocks at 15 kills or 1,875 points):

Launches an Electromagnetic pule that disrupts enemy killstreaks and equipment for a limited time.

Swarm (unlocks at 13 kills or 1,625 points):

Deploys a swarm of mosquito drones that provide a blanket of coverage over the entire area.

Ranked Play (Mid-Season)

Treyarch in partnership with Sledgehammer Games will launch Multiplayer Ranked Play mid-season with new rewards to be earned such as weapons, and loadout content. Players will be able to track their visible skill rating and earn rewards across multiplayer Skill Divisions and Tiers on Call of Duty® League approved rules, restrictions, maps, and modes. The top players will be featured in the TOP 250 Leaderboard and Division for players to prove themselves to be the best of the best.

Expect More Amazing Content Soon

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Multiplayer comes with countless features from new weapons, to new maps, to new game modes, and more. This is just the first season, and we can expect incredible new features that will launch in the coming months. With all the hate Modern Warfare 3 Campaign had already gotten at launch, Online Multiplayer is where Modern Warfare 3 demolishes the competition.


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