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Eva Elfie Vowing to Bolster DOTA2 TI Prizepool with OF Revenue


The International, DOTA 2’s yearly event has found itself in a very unique situation for this year. The renowned Eva Elfie, known throughout the male community, has shared an update via a tweet that she will be joining Valve’s event this year at the venue. She’s also announced that all of her OF revenue for the next few days during the event will be given and added directly to The International’s prizepool. This is an intriguing buildup, as her participation is certainly an enthralling situation and enticing for people coming to the site, and this year’s prizepool has been unable to chase the streak of TI prize pools that have increased every year since the event’s inception.

Eva Elfie DOTA 2 tweet

As she states, Eva Elfie will be at the event to meet with DOTA 2 fans at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle this weekend. People could likely catch up with another celebrity aside from the many DOTA 2 personalities at the live event.

We’ve refrained from attaching direct links to the individual’s site pages for the sake of keeping this article and website acceptable for all ages. Besides, Google (and Incognito Mode) is your best friend for that.

DOTA 2’s The International is all set up to begin just a few hours from now, with eight final teams going head to head for one of the most well-known esports events. After a heated 2 weeks of qualifiers, playoffs and elimination matches, the final eight teams looking to be the best DOTA 2 has to offer this year. The event is going to provide ample entertainment, more so with Eva Elfie’s inclusion at the site.

For more on The International’s final eight teams, please check out our other article. For more on the event and the game, please visit the official DOTA 2 website.


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