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Area Zero Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Overview Guide


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have just a few weeks ago received what looks to be their conclusive epilogue to wrap up the whole game and DLC parts. Now as we look ahead to the future of mainline Pokemon games, we also look back at the current games, the good and bad parts, from the base game to the ending, the post game and the DLC. For what’s available aside from paying extra, the whole base game of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was a new experience in the franchise with the Open World aspect and three different bridging storylines. These led players to pursue different parts of the world that would converge to the end of the game. But more importantly, one of the most essential aspects of the game is what becomes of the converging storylines; how their direct involvement plays a part in one of the most key pieces of the game, Area Zero.

Please note that to discuss this topic, we would have to include a few indirect spoilers to make the topic more detailed. However, we have tried to make them a little ambiguous so as not to completely ruin the surprise that the area contains, mainly describing the parts that would help players to understand it more so that the experience would be better, not ruined. We’re here to provide enough information to get players interested in the secrets of Area Zero.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Area Zero:

Area Zero is the land inside the great crater in the center of the Paldea region, and this is the area that opens up after players have successfully played through all three parts of the main storyline of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, hence why it’s technically the postgame.

For the storyline, know that you will not be alone and the whole game will be the reason why you will find yourself here. Area Zero is the mysterious land that has been left semi-discovered, and so all the secrets it contains will be shrouded. This includes the Pokemon that this special land sustains, as well as a previous historical event in Paldea that made it the way it would be when players enter it.

Area Zero Secrets:

Paradox Pokemon:

Area Zero holds many exclusive Pokemon, including one of the most signature ones, Paradox Pokemon. This wouldn’t count as a spoiler because players who go through the whole game of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would know they’ve still yet to see many of the Pokemon they might have seen online. For Pokemon Scarlet, Ancient Pokemon dwells within Area Zero, and for Pokemon Violet, Future Pokemon have made it their home. Aside from just a few special encounters outside of Area Zero, this is one secret of Area Zero.

The True Finale:

Secondly, Area Zero holds, what to our perspective is, the best part of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The conclusive story which players consistently gathered intel and hints about through their adventure in Paldea, reaches its best part in Area Zero. Hence for those players that want to truly experience and properly end the game, they will have to go through Area Zero’s postgame story.

The Experience:

Additionally, Area Zero from a technical perspective, seems to be one of the most refined and polished pieces of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. By this, we mean that while going through the base game was a new experience, it did however feel sort of bland. Area Zero feels completely the opposite, while there’s nothing too special to do to go through Area Zero, it will still give players what we think is one of the best experiences in the Pokemon franchise. The looks, the music, the story, the gameplay, it will definitely feel different and surprising.

Professor Sada and Turo:

Players would also know about the appropriate Professor of their titles, Scarlet or Violet. Professor Sada for Scarlet or Professor Turo for Violet. Their story and true identity will be the key to Area Zero.

Koraidon and Miraidon:

Our main Legendary Pokemon, Koraidon or Miraidon, will have their shining moments within Area Zero as well.

So in short, everything that the game puts ahead for fans and players through the whole experience is so that fans can experience and reach Area Zero and the postgame story. So for those who have picked up the game but couldn’t manage to end it because they got bored or annoyed by the performance issues, please try to make it work just so you can experience Area Zero. It might just make you feel like you got your money’s worth when buying the games.

The DLC of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet would have players visit the great crater of Paldea again, so those that do get to reach the postgame, and liked it as we did, could certainly consider getting The DLC for the games. Elsewise, there is still plenty of more to enjoy and get out of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s base game.

For those that have played through the whole game and the DLC and even went through the newest addition of the Epilogue, it’s been a long ride and we’re finally moving ahead to the next year for Pokemon. Pokemon Day is arriving this month, and there are certainly many rumours and hints about Pokemon news arriving. So for Pokemon fans, it is a great time as any to make the most out of their fondness for the franchise and play as much as they want, hype as much as they want, and enjoy Pokemon as much as they want.

For more on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and other things Pokemon, check out the official website.


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