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Virtus Pro partners up with Automotive Company Haval

Virtus Pro have released news of their brand new automotive partners, Haval, first in the organization’s history of signing an automotive company. Considered for the mutual benefit of both parties, Haval will be looking to assist top tier rosters of the renowned esports organization in CIS and in the globe. The organization will be supplied […]Read More

Virtus Pro win ESL One Los Angeles 2020

Virtus Pro are your ESL One Los Angeles Online Champions. Securing the win at the fifth gave after a close and tough match, they finally defeat OG to win the online tournament. Virtus Pro came with the strongest performance of any team in the whole tournament, a surprising take how their class and skill seemed […]Read More

Illuminar Roster Reveal: Will Snax Be The New Star Player?

Illuminar Origin Illuminar is one of the top 2 Polish teams the other team being AGO and, ranked #57 in the world right now. The organization formed in 2018 under the reigns of Mateusz Kowalczyk. Since then, it has gone through a lot of roster changes, disbands and, whatnot.  The organization is involved in not just CS:GO, but also […]Read More