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DOTA 2 The International: Postponing and Full Effect

It did not procure many surprises after each and every live esports event got cancelled one after the other due to pandemic circumstances. It started with the first few events of March, and since then, many major events like the GDC, E3, and many more got cancelled. The stigma of this recurring effect continued in […]Read More

Dota Pro Circuit events cancelled amidst health concerns

Surprising news for DOTA 2 Esports as news come forward about the last Majors and Minors of the current circuit. The current pandemic has become a real threat to this year’s Esports and DOTA 2 is no exception. The following tweet has come forward with this year’s Road to TI: DOTA 2 Twitter: As stated, […]Read More

CR4ZY enters DOTA 2 Esports, introduces Roster

CR4ZY has officially announced that it is entering the Road to TI by signing Fighting Pandas as their Official new CR4ZY DOTA 2 Roster. They have moved from their exclusive CS: GO roster and conclusively, their DOTA 2 roster consists of the following players now wearing the CR4ZY banner: CR4ZY DOTA 2 Roster: 1. Kurtis […]Read More

Bids to host The Internationals: prospects and predictions

Valve Corporation’s Annual Event “The International” has taken a turn of changes since the new format of the pathways of events leading to the main event. Now the news comes over that from the next year onward, the International or TI in its shorter iteration, shall be hosted at a specific place via bids. This […]Read More

Valve Corporation leading E-sports, the standard of Dota 2’s yearly

Valve Corporation setting up Dota 2 E-sports status as a leading body signifies the value of a proper framework for competitive events and a happy fan-base that has made their E-sports scene reach record-breaking heights. Dota 2’s biggest international event known as TI or ‘The International’ has been leading the steps of E-sports growth. Known […]Read More

Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov Featured In TEDxTTÜ 2016

Two days ago, Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov, pro player and captain of Team Secret, gave a speech at TEDxTTÜ, where he spoke about a lot of topics including life as a pro player and the development of DOTA 2 and eSports in general. “Society expects people to go through the stable steps in life. You know, mid […]Read More

Dota 2 Competitive Overview: Our Top Five Support Player Picks

Having a good support duo in a team composition is often overlooked as one of the less glamorous roles. In a team of five players, there often needs to be some self-sacrifice for the betterment of the team. And such is the life of a support player in DotA 2 where his/her utility often eclipses […]Read More