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Valorant: A High Ranked Streamer Banned For Hacking

A high-ranked streamer in Valorant recently got banned for using cheats on a live stream on Twitch. Leaving players in awe of shock and surprise as to how the streamer managed to evade the system for so long. When Valorant was first released in June last year, it had the famous Vanguard anti-cheat system. Riot […]Read More

Valorant Will Get New Weapons In Future Episodes

We are about to see some changes in the weapons class of Riot’s popular title Valorant. According to the recent insight provided by Valorant’s Game Designer, some latest weapons will be added in the title’s future episodes. However, in what form or what manner they will be added in the title is still a mystery. […]Read More

Valorant: Riot Wants 30 Agents Before Adding A Ban Feature

Ever since Valorant was released, players have been putting forward suggestions before the Devs one of which includes introducing an Agent ban feature. Riot finally responded to the request saying that it is currently focusing on taking the total Agent count to 30 before adding such a system. Valorant had a total of 10 Agents […]Read More

LoL, Mid Season Magic

The preseason updates that Riot sent our way have only started to simmer down. With all the major champion and item updates, it took a while for many of us to get the hang of the new kind of play. There was quite a lot of interface and UI upheavals that Riot brought with the […]Read More

UC, Irvine becomes the first university to enter eSports

Last spring when ESPN announced a college-level eSports match, many conventional sports fans criticized against it. Despite anybody’s preference for eSports, it’s making big money and is bagging a lot of fame. One university is now making a grand entrance into the eSports domain. University of California, Irvine broadcasted their “first-of-its-kind official eSports initiative”, last […]Read More