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Valorant Brings In A New Agent In Episode 3 Act

The newest patch note of Valorant patch note 2.11 unable to bring anything exciting to the table. Players were hoping for some interesting upgrades from Riot this time around. As Jeff Landa the communication associate for Riot Games has said ““I know, after skipping Patch 2.10 you expected fireworks. Just look at this patch as […]Read More

Valorant Patch Note 2.11 Is On Its Way

With Riot Games skipping the patch note 2.10, it looks like patch note 2.11 is coming out in Valorant. Although the new patch is not as big compared to the previous patch notes to come out. While the patch note isn’t much for adding in new features. It will however increase the framerate by 1% […]Read More

Valorant: Everything You Need To Know About Agent 16

It is expected that Valorant is going to launch agent 16 soon. Previously players only had 15 agents to strategize around and execute their game plan. Moreover, players even thought that they are going to get Agent 16 in Valorant Episode 2 act 3. However, that didn’t happen and Roit delayed the release of Grenadier. […]Read More

Valorant Introduces Pride Player Cards

With June being the month of pride Valorant and Riot have introduced pride player cards. These cards will be available throughout the month of June for Valorant players. The celebration of Pride month was announced by Riot Games in the month of May. The Valorant Twitter account has said that they will be introducing seven […]Read More

Valorant US Finals For Red Bull Campus Clutch Ends Here

The United States finals for red bull campus clutch is the first-ever global Valorant tournament series for university students. This tournament lasted for three months and invited colleges from all over the United States to participate. With over 500 teams from north of 100 colleges coming to participate in the local Red Bull Campus Clutch qualifiers. It […]Read More

Valorant Starts Spinning The Wheel Of Gaming Modes

Fans of Valorant might have heard about the newest game mode Replication. This mode, as players might have heard, will only be available till the 25th of May. After that Replication will be unavailable and will be replaced by a former game mode. Either escalation or snowball will then be available to play on the […]Read More

Valorant Patch 2.10 Will Be Skipped For An Engine Update

Valorant fans believed that the newest patch update would be the 2.10 in May. Well, Riot Games has other plans and has decided to skip this newest patch. And while Valorant will not be given a patch update this month, however, players will be given an engine update. The update came directly from Valorant’s Twitter […]Read More

Valorant Brings In A New Game Mode For Players Called

Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 was released on April 27th, which brought along with it many new features and updates. And it seems like this was not enough for Riot Games. As they are introducing a new game mode for players to play in called ‘Replication’. The news of the newest game mode came out […]Read More

Valorant Is Finally Coming To Mobile Phones Everywhere

Valorant is one of the most popular first-person shooter games of its time. With 3 million players playing the game daily. It has a considerable player base. With this, it’s no news that Riot Games is aiming to create their own mobile version of Valorant. This is not only good news for mobile gamers who […]Read More

Valorant Goes ‘Big Brother’ To Punish Toxic Players

Riot Games has decided to update its privacy notice and terms of service. This update has come on the Riot Games website on the 30th of April. The update of the privacy notice will allow Riot Games to record what players are saying while playing Valorant. As for the players who do not opt for […]Read More