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Apex Legends: A New Glitch Is Causing Reverse Kills

Like every other big multiplayer franchise, Apex Legends is no short of bugs and glitches. We see these bugs and glitches often in multiplayer games. These bugs can be funny and entertaining as well as annoying to the point that you would want to quit the game. For instance, You have brought the enemy down […]Read More

Apex Legends: Rumors Of An Unreleased Legend

Apex Legends is currently in season 9 and we have got a hint regarding an upcoming legend. Recently, a new patch went live along with the Genisis collection event in Apex Legends. This event also introduced the revenant heirloom. They restored the King’s Canyon and World’s edge for this event and Apex players who have […]Read More

Apex Legends: How To Check Item Shop Outside the Game

Apex Legends is one of the most successful battle royale titles in esports. All thanks to its stunning Legends, exciting maps, and competitive gameplay. Apex Legends also has an in-game items shop that allows players to buy several cosmetics. All special sales items, collection events cosmetics, and bundles can be easily bought from this shop. […]Read More

Apex Legends: How To Play With Cross-Platform Friends

Apex Legends has become quite a niche esports in relatively less time. Thanks to its intimidating maps, stunning Legends, and diverse meta. Another factor that has played a crucial role in making Apex Legends one of the biggest games is its cross-platform feature. It allows you to play with friends that aren’t using the same […]Read More

Apex Legends Glitch Cancels Tactical Cooldown Of Wraith

Apex Legends has quickly risen to become one of the most popular battle royales of esports world. But it continues to face problems like bugs and glitches like any other game. Recently, Apex Legends players discovered a new exploit in Wraith’s Tactical abilities. Allowing players to cancel the tactical cooldown of Wraith. Not only can […]Read More

Apex Legends Season 9: How To Check Map Rotation Out

With Season 9 in full swing, Apex Legends has seen a wide array of latest content. Especially the new feature of map rotation. In case you are still playing the plagued version of the Olympus or missed the World’s Edge in Season 8, there’s still a way. You can see which map is available in […]Read More

Apex Legends: How Many Players Are Active In 2021

Respawn Entertainment’s most successful title Apex Legends went live in the year 2019. And it has been making waves ever since its release. With the title now in its 9th season, it is getting bigger and better both in terms of content and players pool. Let’s have a look at how large has Apex Legends […]Read More

Apex Legends Disables Its Leave Penalty In Arena Mode

Respawn Entertainment added an abandon penalty to Apex Legends. This penalty was something Respawn had set in place to discourage players from leaving the game halfway. This was seen as something that was much needed in Apex as this happened far too often. And players and developers believed that this was a good way to […]Read More

Apex Legends Mobile Now Live In The Philippines

EA has sent out invitations to a select number of players in the Philippines. The invites have only been sent to players who have already pre-registered for the game. This means that if you are living in the Philippines you will have gotten an invite. Of course, if you have pre-registered for the game beforehand […]Read More