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Vancouver Titans: Full Overwatch Roster Departure

The return to the Pacific Division of the Overwatch League marked the return for Vancouver Titans and their resumption of each member’s Overwatch career. Following the pandemic issues, the whole scenario of the Overwatch League shut down in the early months of March, an effect that swelled to contaminate all participating esports teams and their […]Read More

Overwatch League: Full May schedule release

This month, the Overwatch League has remained less productive following the Covid-19 circumstances. Initially, the Overwatch League sets a grand competitive scene for all teams to participate in for all fans to spectate. However, pandemic times called for many changes, including cancellations and postponing. It is with much glad news that Blizzard Entertainment is looking […]Read More

Fran faces hate after winning Overwatch Echo Showdown

Fran i.e. Francine Vo recently performed great at the Flash Ops: Echo Showdown. As the team’s support, the female Overwatch player did her best to support the team that ended up making them win the tournament. The gratifying celebration is indeed an accomplishment that needs commendation. However, it seems that after playing her valuable part […]Read More

London Spitfire returning to Overwatch League in Early May

London Spitfire tweeted their official statement on their status in the Overwatch League. London’s Homestand initially shut down due to the COVID-19 temporarily. This fortunate news comes forward to satisfy fans that the organization shall soon return to Overwatch Esports. The organization announced that players would stay at home so the team would go back […]Read More

Atlanta Reign acquire sponsorship with McDonald’s

Recent news reveals that Atlanta Reign gained McDonald’s as official sponsors for the team. The full news comes alongside exclusive discounts for fans when ordering from the fast-food giants and more. The news came up on Twitter where the team celebrated their latest acquisition. Sponsorship between the two parties will lead to mutual benefit and […]Read More

Overwatch League Week 9 – 10 Schedule, 2020’s future Match-ups

The Overwatch League recently released their plans for the first weeks of April. The news comes with full insight onto how future matches with online formats shall go through. They released a full table for each match. “Given the ongoing global health situation, and in discussion with all our teams, we are officially shifting the […]Read More

Overwatch Latest Hero Echo Has Been Nerfed Again Through PTR

Blizzard Entertainment recently added a new hero to the game, Echo. This new hero didn’t come as a surprise to many as everyone knew she will arrive soon. This is because Echo had already made her debut in the ‘Reunion’ animated film, so it was only a matter of time before Blizzard made her available […]Read More

Overwatch – Jeff Kaplan Talks About Overwatch Summer Games And

Overwatch players are currently enjoying the 2020 Archives event. This event is known for featuring some amazing old cosmetic items that players can buy for a lower price. We’re already halfway through the event, and players have started wondering what’s next in store for them. Recently, the director of Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan talked about the […]Read More

Overwatch – Developers Confirm New Heroes Won’t Get Added For

Overwatch players have always loved seeing new heroes. Developer Blizzard Entertainment has added new ones to the game from time to time. Some of them were well received by fans, while others needed some buffs. Still, several heroes have made their way to the game through various updates. But now, it seems like the developers […]Read More

Overwatch – Blizzard Is Working On Support And Tanks Heroes

Overwatch players have always requested Blizzard Entertainment to add new heroes to the game. Since the game was released, the developers have added several characters, and each one is amazing. Just recently, they added Echo to the game. However, while there are some players who are extremely happy about her addition, others are disappointed with […]Read More