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Navi CS: GO Roster wins IEM Katowice after 9 years

Navi fans rejoice as the Na’Vi CS: GO Roster wins IEM Katowice after 9 years. There was plenty of cheerfulness by the fans for the team who beat G2 Esports and secure the title once more. The Twitter page tweeted a rejoiceful picture to celebrate to the joyous occasion: Many fans and fellow members of […]Read More

GuardiaN Finally Decided to Bench it Out

Natus Vincere is one of the more renowned CS:GO teams. The squad came out of hiding a little while back and took the platform by storm. Their performances across major tournaments and leagues have been consistent, they’ve even become fan favorites once again. The new squad that Na’Vi has been playing with consists of legendary […]Read More

GuardiaN to Attend Malmo

Na’Vi has come a long way after coming out of hiding, into the CS:GO scene. Natus Vincere was once the most favored team that took tournaments and leagues by storm. After a certain hiatus period, the squad returned. GaurdiaN has been one of the better players in Na’Vi. The AWPer is capable of pretty much […]Read More

Luminosity Take MLG Columbus

The MLG Columbus finally came to an end after a series of grueling rounds. When the tournament kicked off a little while back, we were excited to find out which of the more renowned team will be taking the cup home this time. Although there were a few surprises and turn arounds from the likes […]Read More

WePlay Dota 2 League Season 3 About to Kick-off

The WePlay Dota League is one of the more prestigious Dota 2 leagues that were brought into the eSports scene. It offers a series of great games between the top as well as rising players. Call it a diverse platform that tests every player’s mettle. On top of that, it has a more than decent […]Read More

I-League Announced for CS:GO

As if there weren’t already tons of CS:GO tournaments and leagues underway, the I-League has also been announced recently. StarLadder has intended to keep this new tournament of theirs, strictly invitational. The tournament is going to be held at the Olympiyskiy Football Stadium in Kiev, Ukraine. It kicks off on May 19th. It seems like […]Read More

Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov Featured In TEDxTTÜ 2016

Two days ago, Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov, pro player and captain of Team Secret, gave a speech at TEDxTTÜ, where he spoke about a lot of topics including life as a pro player and the development of DOTA 2 and eSports in general. “Society expects people to go through the stable steps in life. You know, mid […]Read More

Na’Vi Sent Back into Oblivion

It was becoming a hugely popular notion that Natus Vincere’s recent wins in the DotA Pit 4 Lan Tournament meant that the team had risen again. They had been an all-time favorite of the fans. Could they be back in form? Apparently not. Na’Vi’s triumph was ashes and dust after losing against EG. The match […]Read More

Groups For Counter Strike MLG Columbus Revealed

The groups for Counter Strike’s 1st $1 million Major, MLG Columbus, have been revealed. The Major will be held in Columbus, Ohio in MLG Arena and Nationwide Arena from March 29 to April 3, 2016. It will feature 16 teams and a prize pool of $1,00,000. This is the first Major to be held in […]Read More

Na’Vi’s DotA 2 Team Picks Up GeneRaL For Offlane To

With the departure, or rather removal of Ax.Mo from the team, Na’Vi is out searching for new talent, and they may have just found it in the guise of Viktor ‘GeneRaL-qw’ Nigrini. On 18th January, Ax.Mo announced his departure from the Ukrainian squad. With the team still a bit shaky and unstable, they’re ready to […]Read More