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Luminosity Take MLG Columbus

The MLG Columbus finally came to an end after a series of grueling rounds. When the tournament kicked off a little while back, we were excited to find out which of the more renowned team will be taking the cup home this time. Although there were a few surprises and turn arounds from the likes […]Read More

Fnatic Knocked Out of MLG Columbus

CS:GO is probably the most played first person shooter today. As such, it is one of the most competitive games to have been brought to the eSports platform. Few squads dedicated to the game have claimed their spots at the top of the ladder and try to hold that peak for as long as possible. […]Read More

Na’Vi takes Counter Pit 2 home

The counter Pit Season 2 tournament had gone through a series of breakdowns in the form of technical and production issues. Although it’s seemingly difficult to digest a technical breakdown at an event that is literally computers. In any case, Na’Vi was able to take it all away by the end of the tournament. Natus […]Read More