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ESports doors closed for the Copenhagen Wolves

Reported on June 7th 2016, Copenhagen Wolves has come to an end. Denmarks oldest eSports organization has shut its doors as responsibilities enclosed by alternate organizations became more widespread. The team has predominantly participated in Counter Strike, League of Legends, DOTA 2. With neighboring teams like Fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas, Copenhagen Wolves defended their […]Read More

Team Liquid Academy Head Back to the Drawing Board

The Spring Split of the North American Challenger Series of 2016 saw Team Liquid Academy sent back home after a few rather disastrous games. It looks like the failure affected the eSports organization as a whole, since it has decided to bring in an almost entirely new roster on board to test out. Although during […]Read More

ROCCAT Back in the Game?

In the last Split of the LCS, Team ROCCAT were about to enter the bowels of relegation, but narrowly avoided it. Now it looks like the management at the organization wishes to make the best of the chance they were given. News recently broke out that ROCCAT have signed Steeelback as a part of their […]Read More

ROCCAT Goes Through Major Makeover

Last year saw major changes in squad lineups, from individual reshuffling to complete teams being dissolved. Before the 2015 season ended, most teams went on the hunt for free agents and newly rising players as spots in their lineups were emptied. the 2016 season looks like it is going to be no different as we […]Read More

Yellowstar to Leave Team SoloMid

Team SoloMid is one of the more popular names in League of Legends. They’ve placed themselves at a priority position on the eSports platform. Recently, news broke out that Team SoloMid will be out of an original support role player pretty soon. Bora ‘Yellowstar’ Kim has expressed his intentions towards moving back to Europe. Yellowstar […]Read More

Cloud9 Create Youth Squad

Cloud9 is one of the bigger names heard around the Summoner’s Rift, well known for individual skill and team chemistry. The organization is now looking towards sowing a few seeds themselves and reaping the benefits later. The veteran team of Cloud9 will be heading a challenger squad representing the same organization in the challenger league. […]Read More

LoL, Mid Season Magic

The preseason updates that Riot sent our way have only started to simmer down. With all the major champion and item updates, it took a while for many of us to get the hang of the new kind of play. There was quite a lot of interface and UI upheavals that Riot brought with the […]Read More

Cloud 9 Look to Grab Impact

Moving towards the spring split, we have already seen quite a lot of shuffling going on in the teams. Squads are looking to pump up their game and chemistry to grab more and better wins. It makes sense too. With the North American LCS underway, teams would want to make the best of what players […]Read More

UC, Irvine becomes the first university to enter eSports

Last spring when ESPN announced a college-level eSports match, many conventional sports fans criticized against it. Despite anybody’s preference for eSports, it’s making big money and is bagging a lot of fame. One university is now making a grand entrance into the eSports domain. University of California, Irvine broadcasted their “first-of-its-kind official eSports initiative”, last […]Read More

Kennen: Surging Support

The little flipping ninja, has for the most part been utilized at the top lane. We have even witnessed an all AD build on Kennen as ADC in a few match-ups. This little guide will discuss the feasibility of Kennen for an unorthodox role as support. Before you start raging, consider a few pointers. Kennen […]Read More