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Warzone Players Are Reporting The Wall Glitch, Again

Infinity Ward has done a remarkable job with making Warzone one of the best battle royale games out there. Since the game’s release, millions of players have dived into it to enjoy the beautiful Verdansk. However, even though there is a team of developers constantly working on improving the game, they just can’t put an […]Read More

Warzone – Getting A Juggernaut Suit Through Bunkers

Warzone is the kind of game that has plenty to offer. Players can use different things throughout the match to stay ahead of everyone. There also exist various killstreaks through which players can perform and acquire certain things. And the most popular one these days is the Juggernaut Killstreak. Juggernaut Suit in Warzone The Juggernaut […]Read More

Warzone – Best Settings For Maximum FPS on PC

PC players often get frustrated after seeing their FPS drop again and again. This can even happen to those players who own a high-end gaming PC. While the problem is often linked with the components, it is mostly because of the game’s settings. What some players don’t realize is that they are using the best […]Read More

Warzone – Ways To Improve Aim

Warzone is one of the top battle royale games in the world. Thousands of players log into it every day to find out whose better. If you’re someone who has just started playing Warzone, then there are some things you must-do if you want to stay ahead of everyone. One of these things is improving […]Read More

Warzone – Tips To Take Down The Juggernaut Easily

Juggernaut in Warzone is easily the toughest opponent you’ll face. For those who don’t know, the Juggernaut is the one with a powerful armor that cannot be destroyed easily. There can be times when you will even empty your entire magazine on him and it won’t affect him much. Warzone Juggernaut Back in July, Infinity […]Read More

Warzone – How To Fix PC Error 6068

Let’s face it. At some point, all of us have faced some sort of error while trying to play our favorite video game. This can get quite frustrating especially when you are unable to fix the error. You might go days without playing the game as you just can’t go further than the error screen. […]Read More

Warzone – Here’s What We Want To See in The

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is currently one of the most awaited games of this year. Players just can’t wait for it to arrive. While some players are excited to get their hands on a new Call of Duty game, others are waiting to see what will happen to Warzone. The game is […]Read More

Warzone Zombie Battle Royale – How To Use Zombie Abilities

Zombies have made their way into Warzone through the new Hunting of Verdansk event. Players now have to face two threats at the same time. The first one being human soldiers carrying around weapons, and the second one being zombies that have some special abilities in their arsenal. Warzone Zombie Abilities The thing about this […]Read More

Warzone Zombie Battle Royale Tips To Survive Longer

Warzone players are currently enjoying the Hunting of Verdansk event. We all knew that Infinity Ward will celebrate Halloween in some way, but no one knew it is going to be this big. The new event has brought many themed changes and items to the game. These include new cosmetic items, rewards, challenges, and much […]Read More

Warzone Season 7: Will We See It?

Call of Duty players have been enjoying Warzone for quite some time now. The game was released on March 10, and it instantly became one of the most popular video games out there. The franchise already being so popular contributed a lot towards its player count. Furthermore, a battle royale with the mechanics of Call […]Read More