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Heroes of the Storm Fall Global Championship

Heroes of the Storm has gained the kind of popularity and fan base that Dota 2 gained after release. Although the new MOBA has quite some distance left to cover before it reaches a league comparable to Dota 2, it does look like the title is inching there. It seems like only a few days […]Read More

KeSPA Integrates Hots as an Esports

Heroes of the Storm is yet another MOBA that has recently gained quite a lot of popularity with global championships to its name and leagues dedicated to providing opportunities to players. Come to think of it, Heroes of the Storm made its way to the eSports scene rather quickly, whether it has to do with […]Read More

HotS With All New Ranked Season

Although it has been a little over a year since the official release of Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm, the game has not yet matured to a proper MOBA. Heroes of the Storm sports a rather expansive roster of heroes with different abilities, skills and spells. Each hero has multitudes of skins as well, that […]Read More

Na’Vi Releases HotS Roster

Natus Vincere came a long way after coming out of hiatus. Won a couple of tournaments and redeemed themselves. However, since their star player and default AWPer GaurdiaN has been out of the scene with a serious wrist injury, they have hit a slump that doesn’t seem to end. Recently, news broke out that Natus […]Read More

HotS Fall Championship Update

As if the tournaments already underway, and those come to pass like the Spring Global Championship, weren’t enough. Heroes of the Storm is already geared up for yet another global league that will take competition to the next level. Blizzard recently brought further updates to the HotS Fall Championship. Although the announcement only revealed part […]Read More

Inevitable Heroes Roster Shuffling

For the most part, at the end of every season, or early on into a new one, squads and eSports organizations tend to want to move their players around. This shuffling and reshuffling of squads and line ups in pretty inevitable. Teams want to be able to make the most of previous seasons and let […]Read More

MVP Black Take Spring Global Championship Home

Heroes of the Storm, Spring Global Championship was supposed to be the tie breaker for the top teams. It was meant to figure out which HotS team is better among the ones at the top of the ladder. Although the tournament ended up letting the world know what’s what, the end result seemed less surprising. […]Read More

Spring Global Championship Day 1 Eliminations

Heroes of the Storm has enjoyed quite a handful of tournaments in 2016. Teams from all over the globe have competed and grabbed their spots on the ladder. Most of these leagues have pertained to certain regions. The current standings for HotS teams need to be streamlined. The world needs to know which team is […]Read More

HotS Spring Global Championship in Seoul

Heroes of the Storm has had a handful of decently scaled tournaments and leagues all throughout the year. The MOBA is more or less like any other MOBA, except without the item building. This makes it the perfect game to provide a rather large, competitive platform. And that is exactly what is happening. Battles were […]Read More

MVP Black is Unstoppable

Recently, the alleged best Heroes of the Storm squad, MVP Black beat the second best team out of Korea and made it look easy. Alright, we understand that the fact that they are ranked number 1 globally, says a lot. But seriously, beating the second best team from Korea with a score of 0 to […]Read More