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Hearthstone Masters Tour amidst Esports break

Blizzard Inc. is moving forward with holding Hearthstone Masters Tour events online amidst the pandemic circumstances. It is fortunate news for fans who were looking to see some professional online play. The Masters Tour consists of invitation-only tournaments where Masters Qualifier winners will have a chance to compete against the biggest names in Hearthstone esports. […]Read More

800+ Million Hours Watched of Esports on Twitch

Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers where above 45 million gamers come together to broadcast, watch and chat about video games. It has been stated in a report from Newzoo, Twitch users have watched approximately 803.7 million hours of eSports coverage since August 2015 till date. Newzoo is the global […]Read More

Manchester United next in line to buy eSports team

It hasn’t been very long since a great deal of major soccer clubs have been getting involved in eSports, namely West Ham, FC Schalke 04, Valencia CF. Also, in a very less amount of time, European giant Manchester United seems to follow suit. On the report of an eSports News UK, the English organization is […]Read More

Cloud9 Brings DDaHyoNi To Hearthstone Roster

Cloud9 is one of the more popular names on the eSports platform. The organization has shown to carry talent in almost all titles that our currently being played on a competitive level. Blizzard’s card based game, Hearthstone, is one of the games that Cloud9 has revealed to show a keen interest in. As such, the […]Read More

Cloud9 Removes Massan From Roster

North American based eSports organization, Cloud9 recently made a public announcement for the removal of Harry ‘Massan’ Cheong from their Hearthstone roster. “Today we announce the removal of Harry “MaSsan” Cheong from the Cloud9 Hearthstone roster. Through the remainder of 2016, MaSsan will no longer represent Cloud9, and we wish him the best in his […]Read More

Khadgar Ups Mage Class

Hearthstone sees quite a lot of updates. With Whispers of the God well underway, more than a handful of cards have shown face. Minions, spells cards and more continue to stack up the decks in the game. Blizzard is keen on introducing card after card. It had only a couple of weeks since Lady Liadrin […]Read More

HPL Championship Back From the Dead

According to rumors eSports organization, PVP Live might just be returning in a big way into the league scene with their old HPL Championship. They have been away for quite some time from the scene and now wish to come back with a slightly bigger bang. The HPL (Hearthstone Pro League) Championship had been kicked […]Read More

VirtusPro Sign Two New Players

With more Hearthstone tournaments and leagues coming up, eSports organizations are getting their respective players all geared up to win. VirtusPro did not want to lose out on the glamor and decided to sign a couple of players to fill their Hearthstone spots up. The Russian based organization has been successful in signing the both […]Read More

Hearthstone Receives Strongest Minion Yet

The Whispers of the Old Gods set has been receiving quite a handful of cards recently. Now, they are coming in at a larger frequency than when it was set out initially. It looks like Blizzard is keen on crowding Hearthstone’s rosters faster. Very recently, a pair of epics came out of the workshops as […]Read More

Whispers Receives Another Card

Whispers of the Old Gods has been receiving a tremendous amount of cards since the day it started. For the most part, the reveals have brought in a handful of Old Gods with a bunch of support and minion cards tagging along. The most recent reveal for the Whispers has brought something slightly different. Whispers […]Read More