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Fortnite: Locations Of All Exotic Weapons

In Fortnite, Exotic weapons like the Dragon’s Breath Sniper and the Burst Quad Launcher first appeared in the title’s episode 2 season 5. They were available to buy from NPCs using in-game Gold bars currency. Fortnite recently launched new IO tech weapons and seems to be focusing more on them in season 7. So players […]Read More

Fortnite – How To Acquire Mythic AR and Rocket Launcher

Fortnite players get to enjoy a variety of new items from time to time. Epic Games is pretty amazing when it comes to introducing new content. For instance, we have seen different in-game events such as the Marvel Crossover, John Wick Crossover, and a number of more. All of these events have introduced new items […]Read More

Fortnite Marvel Bosses Locations in Season 4

Back in 2018, Fortnite decided to collaborate with Marvel, something through which we got to see the Thanos LTM. This changed the game entirely as fans found multiple new ways to enjoy their favorite battle royale. Since then, Epic Games has been teaming up with Marvel for different events. And now, after a while, they […]Read More

Fortnite Beginner’s Guide – Key Tips

Fortnite is a name everyone has heard at least once. If you haven’t, then you’ve been living under a rock. I mean, who doesn’t know about a game that absolutely dominated the battle royale scene? Even when Apex Legends and Warzone tried to compete with it, they just couldn’t keep up. Fortnite Guide For Beginners […]Read More

Fortnite: Here’s How To Overcome Boogie Bombs

Epic Games has a habit of vaulting and unvaluting different items in Fortnite. Most of the time, they introduce things that are requested by almost every player. However, there are times when players don’t appreciate the stuff that is being added, such as the recently introduced Boogie Bombs. Fortnite Boogie Bombs For those who don’t […]Read More

Fortnite Stark Industries Energy Rifle – How To Get It

Epic Games is well known for collaborating with different organizations to give Fortnite players a chance to try out something new. Their most popular collaboration has always been with Marvel, thanks to which we have even seen some in-game events which even included playing as Thanos. Recently, Fortnite players got to see another amazing event […]Read More

Fortnite – Tips and Tricks To Stay on Top

Fortnite is the most popular battle royale game in the world. Its popularity can be seen from the fact that it has more than 200 million players. Epic Games has done a remarkable job by constantly updating their game to keep it fresh. This is also one of the reasons why Fortnite has always managed […]Read More

Fortnite: Ninja Isn’t Happy With Controller Aim Assist

Unlike most of the multiplayer games out there, Fortnite offers crossplay. For those who don’t know, this feature allows players to play with those who are on different platforms. If you own a PC, then you will be able to play Fortnite with someone who plays on a console. This is something that has helped […]Read More

When Will Fortnite Season 3 Start?

Over the past few months, Fortnite fans have complained about fewer updates. While Epic Games was known for constantly releasing updates for their battle royale, the number of updates dropped down. This is why many fans started claiming that the game is dried up. However, there is still some hope left for them as season […]Read More