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Dota 2 The International 10 Is Finally Back With A

Due to Covid-19 Valve was unable to hold its most recognized and famous tournament, The International 10, last year. Thankfully, that is not the case this year. As The International 10 will be happening this year. Starting on the 5th of August and located in Stockholm, Sweden. Teams from around the world will be coming […]Read More

The DOTA 2 Singapore Major Day-3 Standings

The main Singapore Major event reaches the conclusion of its third day and there have been plenty of unexpected results for the DOTA 2 event. Fan-favourite teams saw themselves exiting the event even before the main Playoffs Bracket. A fan would be surprised to see which teams are sitting both in the Upper and Lower […]Read More

DOTA 2: The Dilemma, TI and Future in 2021

E-sports; a rising contender for the world’s most successful industries has hinged on a rocky road since the spread of the world pandemic. Yet, where many other professions have succumbed to great tolls, E-sports such as DOTA 2 has exemplified how the digital venue can take the limelight of perseverance with its whole growing online […]Read More

DOTA 2 The International: Postponing and Full Effect

It did not procure many surprises after each and every live esports event got cancelled one after the other due to pandemic circumstances. It started with the first few events of March, and since then, many major events like the GDC, E3, and many more got cancelled. The stigma of this recurring effect continued in […]Read More

ESL One Los Angeles 2020 still set for March

ESL One keeps the DOTA 2 Pro Circuit well underway with the Kyiv minor concluding yesterday. Team Aster won the minor, who seem to be on a winning streak as they completely dominated the Brackets of the Minor Tournament. Their title wins them US$ 72,000, 120 DPC points and the last deciding slot at the […]Read More

Starladder ImbaTV DOTA 2 Kyiv Minor is now LIVE

The Kyiv Minor main event is now underway with Group A and B matches already live. Teams concluded their qualifier matches with China’s qualifiers concluding lastly with Team Aster securing the spot. They had fought in the lower bracket to make a comeback and beat Newbee to secure the slot for the Minor LAN Tourney. […]Read More

One E-sports Jakarta DOTA2 Invitationals announced

One E-sports has announced the One E-sports Jakarta DOTA 2 Invitationals Tournament with a US $500,000 prize-pool for November 2020. With the current Malaysia Regional Qualifiers set for March 7-8, the organization moreover has come forward with the end of the year’s prospects, with Jakarta being the hosts for an Invitational Dota 2 tournament. It […]Read More

Valve Corporation leading E-sports, the standard of Dota 2’s yearly

Valve Corporation setting up Dota 2 E-sports status as a leading body signifies the value of a proper framework for competitive events and a happy fan-base that has made their E-sports scene reach record-breaking heights. Dota 2’s biggest international event known as TI or ‘The International’ has been leading the steps of E-sports growth. Known […]Read More

Leipzig Dota 2 Major Playoff Brackets Are Now Live

As the group stage came to a close for DreamLeague Season 13, the second Major for Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2019-2020, the playoff brackets are now live on the Dreamleague Facebook page as well as on 3rd party websites as shown above With a million dollar prize pool at stake and 15000 DPC points in […]Read More