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DOTA 2 Stats and New 7.29 Patch Predictions

The Singapore Major concludes the first season of this year’s DOTA 2 Pro Circuit. And as a forthcoming for the next big patch-reveal coming presumably this Friday, there is plenty to speculate what it shall hold. What’s confirmed as of yet is that a new hero will be making their entrance to the game alongside […]Read More

The DOTA 2 Singapore Major Day-3 Standings

The main Singapore Major event reaches the conclusion of its third day and there have been plenty of unexpected results for the DOTA 2 event. Fan-favourite teams saw themselves exiting the event even before the main Playoffs Bracket. A fan would be surprised to see which teams are sitting both in the Upper and Lower […]Read More

DOTA 2: The Dilemma, TI and Future in 2021

E-sports; a rising contender for the world’s most successful industries has hinged on a rocky road since the spread of the world pandemic. Yet, where many other professions have succumbed to great tolls, E-sports such as DOTA 2 has exemplified how the digital venue can take the limelight of perseverance with its whole growing online […]Read More

ESL One Los Angeles faces postponement

The ESL One Los Angeles DOTA 2 Major was off to a fast start this March. With measures taken against the Corona pandemic, it seemed it would commence at its set time on March 15th. The playoffs decided the matches only three days ago. However, now the event faces postponement due to the sudden travel […]Read More

ESL One Los Angeles 2020 releases Bracket Playoffs

ESL One Los Angeles heads off to a timely start with no slowing down due to the Corona Virus. Although the organization is heavily monitoring the situation, they have released the first playoffs. Playoffs: The Brackets have come forward divided into four. Bracket A and B will commence on March 15th and will showcase Team […]Read More

Leipzig Dota 2 Major Playoff Brackets Are Now Live

As the group stage came to a close for DreamLeague Season 13, the second Major for Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2019-2020, the playoff brackets are now live on the Dreamleague Facebook page as well as on 3rd party websites as shown above With a million dollar prize pool at stake and 15000 DPC points in […]Read More