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Law Applies to Everything, Even Video Games

Doing fraudulent acts with other rosters in gaming results in penalties ranging from suspensions to bans. On the contrary, in Denmark, virtual scamming now results in a more tangible punishment such as time in jail. An individual was recently proven guilty for scamming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. A news website Gaming.dk reported that the virtual bandits’ […]Read More

800+ Million Hours Watched of Esports on Twitch

Twitch is the world’s leading video platform and community for gamers where above 45 million gamers come together to broadcast, watch and chat about video games. It has been stated in a report from Newzoo, Twitch users have watched approximately 803.7 million hours of eSports coverage since August 2015 till date. Newzoo is the global […]Read More

Echo Fox Releases Moe

Not surprising with the Spring season coming to an end, quite a lot of teams are looking to make necessary changes to their squads. Players leaving rosters and new ones filling their spots is pretty common with CS:GO teams. The Summer season is kicking in with a multitude of tournaments and leagues, Echo Fox is […]Read More

Na’Vi Bow Out of ECS

About 3 weeks ago, online live streaming giant Twitch and online gaming company FACEIT created a major eSports league going by the name of Esports Championship Series (ECS). ECS will bring eSports games like CS:GO, Dota 2, Hearthstone, League of Legends and more, to a rather large platform. Given the size of both organizations, ECS […]Read More

Winterfox Let desi Go

It isn’t new or surprising to hear that a squad has let go of a member and is now looking for someone to fill the spot, or has already filled that spot with a new player. With CS:GO being a part of the eSports platform, we have seen teams get completely dissolved and brought up […]Read More

Power-LAN CS:GO tournament

It has been a while since CS:GO has reached a level of popularity that makes it one of the big games. The global player base of CS:GO is a tremendous amount that beckons the initiation of major leagues and tournaments dedicated to the shooter. As such, the amount of global tournaments and leagues for CS:GO […]Read More

PGL Announces CS:GO Events

CS:GO eSports has already been underway for a while this year. It seems more and more tournaments and leagues for the popular first person shooter are popping up. Recently, Twitch and Faceit came together to form an entirely new eSports league of their own with $3.5 million in prize pool money. Now, major Chinese eSports […]Read More

Zende Signed by Torpedo

Quite a lot of reshuffling going on among the CS:GO squads this season. We have heard about a single or a couple of shifts in a team, all the way to entire line ups being dropped and formed from scratch. It’s not exactly surprising. Global tournaments do that to teams. You figure out who has […]Read More

Immunity Banned From CGPL For Life

Only recently did we hear that Team Immunity is heading towards the offline Lan CGPL finals. And if we aren’t mistaken it was quite a lot of hassle that the squad was able to actually make it to the tournament at all. In any case, Team Immunity had managed to gun their way to the […]Read More