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Saudi Arabia Takes A $3 Billion Dollar Share In The

Mohammad Bin Salman the crowned prince of Saudi Arabia is also the chair of the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF). And the PIF has decided to invest a large sum in the gaming industry. PIF is the fund that the crowned prince has been using to invest in different areas. The reason for this is […]Read More

Overwatch League online matches postponed

After almost a full month of drought for Overwatch Esports, things looked fortunate this week. The online options of play were beginning their matches this week. However, it seems that for some unfortunate reasons, online matches cancelled themselves as well. Thus the Overwatch league drought continues and Overwatch Esports suffers. The Overwatch League Drought: The […]Read More

Hearthstone Masters Tour amidst Esports break

Blizzard Inc. is moving forward with holding Hearthstone Masters Tour events online amidst the pandemic circumstances. It is fortunate news for fans who were looking to see some professional online play. The Masters Tour consists of invitation-only tournaments where Masters Qualifier winners will have a chance to compete against the biggest names in Hearthstone esports. […]Read More

Echo joins the roster as Overwatch’s newest entry

Echo’s Origin Story dropped hereby officially making her the latest entry to the character lineup of Overwatch. Set as the creation of Mina Liao, the Doctor’s legacy moves on inside her humanoid creation. The Story: The story starts with self-doubt; questioning oneself. “So, this is it. Did, did I make the world a better place?” […]Read More

Overwatch League cancels all March April matches and events

The Overwatch League recently released a full statement on its observation of the Corona Virus. They concluded with cancelling all events for two months. Their full statement reads as follows: Statement: “The health and safety of employees, fans, players, teams, and partners is paramount to Activision Blizzard Esports. We are continuing to closely monitor COVID-19 (Corona virus), […]Read More

Overwatch’s New Competitive Mode Now Out On PS4

After about a week, Blizzard has finally added Competitive Mode to the PlayStation 4 version of Overwatch. Competitive was already out for the PC version of the game. As they needed verification from the developers of Sony and Microsoft, the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions were expected to come out later this week. But it […]Read More

Ongoing Swapping and Exiting of Rosters

Eugene Tseng, Yuuj, tweeted the following at 7.54 am on the 13th of July, 2016: “As of today, I am now a free agent. I decided to leave @PandaGlobalPG and wish them the best in the future. Will post soon about reasons.” According to his tweet, the player said that the team dynamics were deteriorating […]Read More

Manchester United next in line to buy eSports team

It hasn’t been very long since a great deal of major soccer clubs have been getting involved in eSports, namely West Ham, FC Schalke 04, Valencia CF. Also, in a very less amount of time, European giant Manchester United seems to follow suit. On the report of an eSports News UK, the English organization is […]Read More

Blizzard Joins Hands with Facebook

It is a rather suitable mix when it comes to merging different kinds of media with the gaming world. With the kind of cooperation and compatibility that comes with attaching elements like broadcast media, streaming, and news media with games, a lot can and has already been achieved. These things more or less complement each […]Read More

Blizzard Bans 1,500 Overwatch Players

Blizzard continues to turn Overwatch into a first person shooter that will climb its way up to the leagues of CS:GO and other games that made it to the big leagues. For now, Overwatch has been subject to small scale tournaments organized by organizations that could not invest a lot of money into the game. […]Read More