Hassan Shahzad

Warzone: Latest XM4 Buffs Make It Even More Deadly

Call of Duty: Warzone is thriving as the days are passing by. Its player base is ascending on daily basis and the community is getting bigger. With this increasing hype, it receives consistent patch updates to keep the game balanced and make it the best experience for players. On July 2nd, Warzone received a new […]Read More

Apex Legends: Rumors Of An Unreleased Legend

Apex Legends is currently in season 9 and we have got a hint regarding an upcoming legend. Recently, a new patch went live along with the Genisis collection event in Apex Legends. This event also introduced the revenant heirloom. They restored the King’s Canyon and World’s edge for this event and Apex players who have […]Read More

Valorant: Complete Guide Of The Bulldog

The debate on the best rifle between Phantom or Vandal has been going on from the start and they are definitely on the top of tier list in Valorant. The bulldog is often neglected in pursuit of the Phantom or Vandal but we are here to tell you that this gun is totally worth your […]Read More

How To Optimize The Judge After The Nerfs In Valorant

The number of valorant players is increasing as they have recently released the game on mobile phones. New players are joining with different playstyles and preferences in guns. We know that valorant lets you choose between 17 weapons so it should be given a thought to which weapon to pick. Generally, most of the players […]Read More

Apex Legends: How To Check Item Shop Outside the Game

Apex Legends is one of the most successful battle royale titles in esports. All thanks to its stunning Legends, exciting maps, and competitive gameplay. Apex Legends also has an in-game items shop that allows players to buy several cosmetics. All special sales items, collection events cosmetics, and bundles can be easily bought from this shop. […]Read More

Valorant: Everything You Need To Know About Agent 16

It is expected that Valorant is going to launch agent 16 soon. Previously players only had 15 agents to strategize around and execute their game plan. Moreover, players even thought that they are going to get Agent 16 in Valorant Episode 2 act 3. However, that didn’t happen and Roit delayed the release of Grenadier. […]Read More

Fortnite: Locations Of All Exotic Weapons

In Fortnite, Exotic weapons like the Dragon’s Breath Sniper and the Burst Quad Launcher first appeared in the title’s episode 2 season 5. They were available to buy from NPCs using in-game Gold bars currency. Fortnite recently launched new IO tech weapons and seems to be focusing more on them in season 7. So players […]Read More

Apex Legends: How To Play With Cross-Platform Friends

Apex Legends has become quite a niche esports in relatively less time. Thanks to its intimidating maps, stunning Legends, and diverse meta. Another factor that has played a crucial role in making Apex Legends one of the biggest games is its cross-platform feature. It allows you to play with friends that aren’t using the same […]Read More

NICKMERCS Wants Warzone Devs To Create Better Maps

Although Activision keep things running by handing out timely updates and patch notes, Warzone hasn’t seen an entirely different chapter yet. That is exactly why famous Call of Duty Pro Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff is calling on the devs to add more POIs and make better maps. Warzone’s recent update introduce quite a lot to the […]Read More