Hassan Shahzad

Warzone: How To Check If You’ve Played Against Famous Pro

Has the question that have you ever played against a famous streamer or pro player in Warzone pondered your mind? If yes, then, embrace yourself for the good news because now there’s a website that allows you to do that. Thanks to the blissful policy of not-so-strict ranked playlist, Warzone makes you play one battle […]Read More

Warzone: Dr Disrespect Furious Over The Invisible Roze Skin

Popular YouTuber and Pro Warzone player Dr Disrespect literally lost it over the invisible Roze Skin on April 2. The incident occurred during a stream of his gameplay when Doc got killed by an opponent donned in the Roze Skin. Warzone has been experiencing a lot of issues lately. For instance, the invisibility bug, which […]Read More

Warzone: Finish Easter Egg Contract and Get Free Blueprint

Since Easter is here, Call of Duty: Warzone has received a special Easter Egg contract by Raven Software. Upon completing an Easter Egg quest, players get to enjoy a weapon blueprint for free. Call of Duty has always been true to its tradition of jumping in on every holiday celebration. Activision usually celebrates these holidays […]Read More

Warzone YouTuber “JGOD”: Attachments Can Buff Snipers

Warzone YouTuber JGOD recently discovered in a gameplay video that equipping certain rear grips, for instance, Serpent Wrap can make your snipers more powerful in the battle royale. Exotic attachments have always been the crown jewel of Warzone. That’s why players are always eager to find out which combination of attachments can help them build […]Read More

New Kill Streaks in Warzone – Bombardment, Advanced UAV, RC-XD

Warzone received a bunch of new killstreaks in the wake of mid-season update under the title Season 2 Reloaded. Although these new killstreaks have not been officially announced by Raven yet, players may be getting their hands on these previously rare streaks soon. Killstreaks and similar features are among the most interesting and exclusive things […]Read More

Call of Duty: Warzone Invisible Bug Returns Once Again

COD: Warzone players are facing invisible enemies once again and they are not happy about it. Unfortunately, no one seems to know the cause of this invisibility bug. It’s not the first time that Warzone players are facing invisible enemies because of a bug. Players used to experience an identical bug that turned enemies invisible […]Read More