Saqib "BOOM" Mansoor

Rocket League: The Way Forward Is A Move Into The

Popular developer Psyonix is looking to enter the world of eSports with its fast-paced soccer-with-cars game called Rocket League. The game has been well received ever since its initial release and now that the game is coming to the Xbox One as well, Psynoix’s next step is to enter the world of competitive gaming with […]Read More

New eSports Gaming League Kicks Off In India

eSports has been the new in thing recently with many countries and organizations looking to jump onto the eSports bandwagon. Competitive gaming is now emerging as the next type of professional sports that everyone is looking onto and after many other Asian countries coming in, it looks like India is gearing up to make its […]Read More

FEST Lyon 2015 Prize Money Has Not Been Distributed Up

The eSports industry is still in its infancy. This infant, unregulated ground has led to many people not upholding their obligations and payments and since there is not much recognition for professional gamers as of right now, perusing a legal battle in the world of eSports is something unheard of. Today, we come across another […]Read More

Team SoloMid Looks To Step Into The Call Of Duty

Team SoloMid has recently announced that the organization is entering the Call of Duty eSports arena and is going to mark its first entry into the Call of Duty World League. According to recent reports, it looks like Team SoloMid has bought out Rush eSports and is looking to enter the competitive Call of Duty […]Read More